Borderlands 3 Amara , The Mythical Siren's Skill Tree

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Borderlands 3 just came out a couple of days ago and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular games. The third sequence of the series features some amazing new features which seem to please the vast majority of players.

That said, one of the most famous and loved classes to play is Amara. She is a siren and also one of the four Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. In fact, she is also the only class that also existed in Borderlands 2. Amara's skill tree is focused heavily on doing a high amount of melee and elemental damage, as well as fast-paced attacks.

There are various awesome abilities in the skill trees that allow Amara to be one of the deadliest enemies on the battlefield. That said, it seems like Phasecast might be the strongest one yet because it provides a very useful buff which can be consumed in order to add bonus damage to the action skill. In other words, you definitely do not want to be near Amara when she has it because things can get ugly.

Let's take a look at each skill tree and check some of the best things about them. Before we start, here are the three skill trees for you to choose from right now - Mystical Assault, Brawl, and Fist of the elements.

Mystical Assault

Here is this skill three:

  • Do Harm - allows you till kill an enemy and grants you a stack of Rush
  • Fast Hand - Amara gets faster reloads, weapon swaps and mode switches
  • Violent Tapestry - this applies an elemental effect on Amara's stack of Rush. Upon consuming them, she gets an increased elemental effect for a couple of seconds.
  • Alacrity - for every stack of Rush that Amara has, the reloading speed is increased upon consuming.
  • Transcend - once Amara activates her action skill, she gets an increased accuracy and critical hit bonus for a couple of seconds
  • Restless - increases the cooldown rate
  • Ascendant - Amara's action skill augmented benefits from an increased effect
  • From Rest - improves the fire rate and charging time
  • Laid Bare - increases the damage that Amara's enemy take from all sources once she uses her action skill
  • Wrath - increases Amara's gun damage once she actives her action skill.
  • Remnant - each time someone dies from Aara, a projectile emerges and it flies until there is an enemy. When it hits someone, it does elemental damage.
  • Awakening - the Rush stacks have an increased effect
  • Avatar  - one of the strongest things here. Upon using, her action skill can be activated even when it's on cooldown. In addition, it also increases the Max Rush stacks.


  • Phasecast - this is an Astral Projection send by Amara which deals damage
  • Soul Sap - a "lifesteal" effect, allowing Amara to heal her allies for a portion of her damage
  • Reverberation - this is another Astral Projection which deals damage but when it hits an enemy, it increased the damage done to the next one
  • Stillness of Mind - this increases her cooldowns but a bit but if an enemy gets damage from any of Amara's skills, they become phase-locked until they are damaged again.
  • Deliverance - another Astral Projection which releases projectiles that have the elemental effect once it hits an enemy
  • Tandava - the Astral Projection explodes whenever it hits a target and does insane damage


  • One With Nature - increases Amara's max HP and elemental damage resistance of her action skill element
  • Personal Space - her weapon's shots have increased bonus damage which is based on the distance of her target
  • Clarity - HP regen which is increased when Amara has lower health.
  • Arms Deal - increases the splash damage done and reduces the incoming damage
  • Root to Rise - increases Amara's max HP
  • Helping Hand - Amara gets damage reduction for a brief period after she uses her action skill
  • Mindfulness - this is a stacking ability which allows Amara to have a better shield regeneration and movement speed. Unfortunately, the stacks will disappear after a couple of seconds
  • Find Your Center - increase Amara's melee damage as well as AC after she uses her action skill
  • Vigor - increases your allies movement speed after Amara gets a kill
  • Samara - a stacking ability which allows her to get increased damage to her gun and HP
  • Do unto others - a defensive ability which allows Amara to throw an energy orb after she takes damage
  • Job Cross - increases her damage once she deals any melee damage
  • Guardian Angel - once in trouble, Amara gets the so-called "second wind", which restores her HP and creates a new action skill which does damage and knocks the enemy away from her
  • Blitz - this is some sort of a charge that allows Amara to hit her enemies from a distance


  • Phaseslam - this allows Amara to perform a slam that does damage and knocks the enemies around them
  • Blight Tiger - allows Amara's action skill to do corrosive damage
  • Revelation - creates a nova once Amara's action skill is used
  • Fracture - this is a pretty cool ability where "fists" appear from the ground and do damage to her enemies
  • Downfall - this allows Amara to leap into the air and perform an elemental attack, quickly followed by a slam
  • Glamour - one of the coolest things in this skill tree. It forces Amara's enemies to attack their allies. Unfortunately, her action skill Cd is increased as a result.

Fist of the elements

  • Anima - this allows Amara's elemental effect to deal more damage over time and have a bigger duration. 
  • Steady Hands - increases Amara's weapon handly and accuracy. As you know, this is one of the most important things to have in Borderlands 3 
  • Infusion - this adds some of the damage dealt by her into the action skill element
  • Tempest - this increases Amara's elemental damage. In addition, it also allows her shock damage to increase even more.
  • Illuminated Fist - it allows Amara to gain more melee damage. Also, some of her melee damage gets converted to the active skill elements, which is another big plus.
  • Wildlife - this is very cool because whenever Amara inflicts any elemental effect to her enemies, it has the chance to spread to the enemies around, dealing even more damage.
  • Illuminated fist - as the same suggests, this increases Amara's melee damage, making it even more deadly. In addition, a portion of that is converter to her action skill element.
  • Dread - once any enemy of Amara gets grasped, she gets increased gun damage for a couple of seconds. What's more, if that same player dies, the person who killed him will have his weapon reloaded. As you can probably guess, this can work wonders in certain situations and it's definitely worth to do combinations with the other characters.
  • Indiscriminate - a very cool thing that allows Amara's bullets to ricochet and do damage each time they bounce off someone. However, the ricochet damage is a little bit less than the initial one, which is to be expected. That said, it can be increased if the target that it strikes is under the effect of Phasegrasp or Stillness of Mind, which is not that hard to achieve.
  • Deep Well - this allows Amara to get an increased magazine size when using her elemental weapons.
  • Catharsis - as the name suggests, this is definitely going to be a good one. When Amara's elemental effect occurs on an enemy and he dies, this forces him to explode upon death. The explosion deals a lot of elemental damage to the nearby enemies. What's more, this skill has a pretty short cooldown, which means that it can be used pretty frequently.
  • Sustainment - whenever Ama deals elemental damage with her weapons, she gets the Life Steal effect, which allows her to heal for a portion of that damage dealt. Apart from surviving, this just gives her a more sustain which is perfect for any long fights that may happen.
  • Conflux - this gives Amara the chance to randomly burn, melt or electrocute an enemy each time she applies the elemental effect to an enemy, which as we know by now, happens pretty often.
  • Forceful Expression - depending on her action skill element, Amara does bonus elemental damage with her guns.


  • Phasegrasp - this is probably one of Amara's most signature moves in Borderlands 3. It allows her to summon a giant fist from the ground that holds your enemy in place for a couple of seconds. However, some enemies are immune to it, so keep that in mind. The good thing is that they will at least take some damage, which won't make it useless.
  • Soulfire - this converts Amara's action skill to do fire damage. However, the effect does not take place until she uses her action skill
  • The Eternal Fist  - this is again related to summoning a giant fist from the ground that locks Amara's enemy to place. In addition, if that enemy gets killed, three more fists will appear and grasp any nearby enemies.
  • Allure - by using her action skill, Amara creates singularities which basically pull in her enemies
  • Ties and Bind - this allows Amara to summon a giant fist from the ground, locking a target in place for a couple of seconds. In addition to that, the enemies near the grasped target get linked, which means that any damage they take is also redirected towards the linked targets. In other words, you can do some serious damage to multiple units fairly easy.
  • Fist over Matter - this is yet another giant fist that comes from the ground and keeps Amara's enemy in place for a couple of seconds. However, once that happens, more fists start to appear that smash the ground near it and do damage to all nearby enemies.

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