Borderlands 3: Amara Guide - Abilities & Skill Tree

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Borderlands 3 is one of the most anticipated titles right now. Being an incredible first-person shooter, players can choose to either play alone or in a party up to four people. In addition to that, players can take on various missions which provide experience, in-game and other types of rewards. When you level up, you gain a certain amount of skill points which can be used in the skill tree. Having said that, Borderlands 3 introduces four new player characters: Amara, Moze, Zane and Fl4K. Every single class has its own unique personality. Having said that, today we will focus on Amara. 

Skill Trees

The skill trees in Borderlands 3 work in a similar way to those in the previous two games. There are three skill tires to choose from. When you level up, you can use the skill points for each ability, which will unlock higher tier abilities as well. Of course, the higher the tier, the better.

Brawl Skill Tree

The starting action skill here is called Phaseslam. It is a very cool-looking ability that makes Amara leap into the air and slam the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemies as well as knocking them. 

Here are the various tier skills:

  • Tier 1

One With Nature - A cool survival spell which allows Amara to gain Max Health as well as Elemental Damage Resistance to her Action Skill Element.

Personal Space - Amara's weapon does more damage against her targets depending on the distance. If the target is closer, it will take more damage.

Clarity - A very important defensive spell which allows Amara to constantly regen HP. If she has lower HP, the regeneration is higher.

  • Tier 2

Root to Rise - Another defensive spell which increases her Max HP.

Helping Hands - After using Amara's Action Skill, she gains a certain percentage of damage reduction.

Blight Tiger - This is a very interesting spell which allows Amara to convert her Action Skill to Corrosive Damage.

Arms Deal - An amazing Splash damage based ability which increased the outgoing and reduces the incoming damage.

  • Tier 3

Fracture - Amana summons fists which deal a lot of damage to the enemies in front of her. It is important to note that this is an Action Skill, which makes it a bit trickier to use.

Mindfulness - When Amara takes damage, she gains more Shield Regeneration as well as Movement Speed. 

Find Your Center - A very cool spell which increaser her Melee damage. Even though this might not seem like a big deal, it is definitely very useful in certain situations.

Vigor - A team-based ability which provides increased Movement speed to your allies for a few seconds. This effect occurs when Amara's action skill kills an enemy.

Revelation - When Amara uses her Action Skill, it creates a nova which does damage to all enemies.

  • Tier 4

Downfall - Another amazing Action Skill which allows Amara to leap into the air and shoot an Elemental Beam, followed by a Slam.

Samsara - This is an ability which stacks every time when Amara deals damage to an enemy with her Action Skill. Every single stack provides her with more Gun Damage and Health Regeneration for a few seconds.

  • Tier 5

Do Unto Others - Whenever Amara takes damage, she throws an energy orb back at them which deal Elemental damage. However, this spell as a few seconds cooldown, which means that it can't occur as often.

Jab Cross - When Amara deals melee damage to an enemy, she also gains more Action Skill Damage and Weapon Damage. Definitely, a very powerful ability which increaser her sustain damage by a lot.

Guardian Angel - This ability works whenever Amara enters Fight For Your Life. She will gain a Second Wind, which essentially restores her HP and creates an Action Skill Elemental Nova which knocks the nearby enemies.

Glamour - The enemies which are damaged by Amara's action skill are forced to attack their own allies. On the contrary, her action Skill CD is increased.

  • Tier 6

Blitz - Amara dashes in a short distance forward and does a melee strike, which deals Elemental MeleeDamage. If she kills an enemy, the CD of this spell is instantly reset. This spell is very similar to Genji's in Overwatch.

Mystical Assault Skill Tree

The Starting Action skill here is called Phasecast. It allows Amara to send an Astral Projection of herself which deals damage to everything in her path.

  • Tier One

Do Harm - Killing an enemy will grant Amara a stack of Rush. What's more, activating her action skill will consume all Rus stacks, which increase temporarily the damage of her Action Skill.

Fast Hand - A very cool spell which definitely helps Amara a lot to be more competitive. It allows her reload speed, weapon swap speed and mode switch speed to be faster and more efficient.

Violent Tapestry - Another ability which allows Amara to get stacks of Rush. However, instead of killing an enemy, she has to apply Elemental Effect here. Again, when she activates her Action Skill, all Rush stacks will get consumed which will increase the Elemental Effect Chance for a few seconds.

  • Tier 2

Alacrity - Amara gains faster Reload Speed for every stack of Rush. In addition, after consuming those stacks, the bonus is also increased for a few seconds

Transcend - An ability which allows Amara to get better accuracy and critical hit bonus for a few seconds after activating her action skill.

Restless - This ability allows Amara to gain an increased Action Skill CD Rate.

Soul Sap - A certain percentage of all damage dealt by Amara's Action Skill is returned to her or any of her allies as HP. An amazing team=based ability.

  • Tier 3

Reverberation - This action skill makes an Astral Projection of Amara which deals damage to everything in its path. In addition, this spell deals more damage for every enemy it hits.

Ascendant - All action skills Augments gain a stronger effect.

Stillness of Mind - A very strong ability which forces Amara's enemies to become phaselocked. They can be "free" again only if they are damaged or the duration ends. On the contrary, her Action Skill Cooldown is increased.

  • Tier 4

Deliverance - this ability allows Amara to send an Astral Projection of herself, similar to the action skill in tier 3. However, here, when this Projection hits an enemy, it will release homing Elemental Projectiles that triggers her Action Skill Elemental Effect on enemies.

From Rest - Amara's Fire Rate and Charge time are improved.

Laid Bare - Every enemy will take increased damage from all sources after it receives damage from Amara's action skill. This is an absolutely amazing ability to have in team fights because it will allow your team-mates to do more damage overall.

Wrath - An ability which increases Amara's Gun Damage when she activates her action skill.

  • Tier 5

Remnant - When Amara kills an enemy with her Action Skill or a Gun. a homing projectile will be created. Having said that, this projectile will seek out a new enemy and deal damage to it. In addition, if there is any overkill damage, it will be added as a bonus to the projectile.

Awakening - Amara's Rush stacks become more effective.

Tandava - Amara sends forward an Astral Projection that explodes and deals damage to all nearby enemies if it hits a target.

  • Tier 6

Avatar - Probably one of the strongest abilities in the game. It allows Amara to use her action skill even when it is on cooldown. However, this skill can only be used once per completed cooldown and it also increaser her Max Rush Stacks.

Fist of Elemental Skill Tree

The Starting Action Skill here is called Phasegrasp. When used, Amara summons a giant fist which holds an enemy in place for a few seconds. However, some enemies are immune to being Grasped, which is why they take damage instead.

  • Tier 1

Anima - Amara's Elemental Effect deals more damage over time and it also has a longer duration. In addition to that, her Action Skill Elemental Effect also deal increased damage.

Steady Hands - this ability allows Amara to get better Weapon Handling as well as Accuracy.

Infusion - An amazing ability which allows Amara to convert a portion of her damage to her Action Skill Element.

  • Tier 2

Tempest - Increases the Elemental as well as the Shock Damage dealt by Amara.

Illuminated - This ability increased the Melee damage and in addition to that, her Melee Damage is converted to her Action Skill Element.

Wildfire - This ability is awesome in terms of doing AoE damage. When Amara inflicts the Elemental Effect to the enemy, it has a chance to spread to the nearby enemies as well.

Soulfire - This one covert Amara's Action skill to fire damage.

  • Tier 3

The Eternal First - Amara summons a giant first that locks an enemy in place for a few seconds. In addition to that, if this enemy dies, three new targets will get Grasped.

Dread - Amara's Gun Damage is increased for a few seconds after an enemy gets Grasped by her action skill. In addition, when any player kills that target, their current weapon will get instantly reloaded.

Allure - A rather strange ability which allows Amara's action skill to create singularities which pull in enemies.

  • Tier 4

Indiscriminate - This ability allows Amara's bullets to ricochet from her enemies which and hit addition targets. The Ricochet chance is higher if the target is currently affected by Phasegrasp or Stillness of Mind.

Deep Well - The Elemental Weapon's Magazine size gets increased.

Catharsis - When Amara triggers an elemental effect on an enemy, that enemy will explode upon death, dealing damage to some of the nearby targets.

Ties that Bind - Again, this is an ability which locks a target in place for a few seconds. In addition to that, the enemies which are near it will be linked and take the same damage with the locked target.

  • Tier 5

Fist Over Matter - An action skill which locks the enemy in place for a few seconds. In addition, once the enemy is grasped, large firsts will start appearing from the ground and they will deal damage to all nearby enemies.

Sustainment - Life Stealing spell which occurs whenever Amara deals Elemental Damage with her weapon.

Conflux - A rather random ability which allows Amara to randomly Electrocute, Burn or Melt an enemy which is under the effect of an Elemental Effect.

  • Tier 6

Forceful Expression - An ability which allows Amara's guns to deal Bonus Elemental Damage based on her Action Skill Element.


To sum up, Borderlands 3 is definitely going to be a very fun game to play. All characters and their amazing skill sets make the Borderland Franchize one-of-kind, which explains the massive fan base of this game.


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