Borderlands 3: Amara Builds & Leveling Guide

Sep 23 2019 6 min read

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Borderlands 3 is one of the hottest games in the world right now because it features many new cool things. Apart from the various new quests, group events and more, there are also four new Vault Hunters introduced, each with its own skills and playstyle. Needless to say, every single one of them has certain ups and downs.

Today, we will take a look at one of the all-time favorite characters - Amara. We will focus on how to level her properly in order to ditch out as much damage as possible without having to sacrifice on her survivability. This Vault Hunter is mainly known for doing a lot of damage over time (mainly elemental damage). What's more, you also have a lot of control on the battlefield due to her various abilities that allow her to lock enemies in place or just turn them against each other.

Let's not forget that  Amara has a total of eleven action skills to choose from. Let's take a look at which one of them is worth picking and how to properly combine them. Keep in mind that there are various different skills which provide a lot of movement speed bonus and HP regen. This makes Amara very tanky, especially in certain tricky situations. 

Brawl Skill Tree 2-7

Similar to any other Vault Hunter out there, the fun starts once you hit level two. You should have unlocked three different action skills - Phasegrasp, Phasecast, and Phaseslam. Each of them is unique in their own way. For example, Phasegrasp allows you to just lock down an enemy, Phasecast does a little bit of AoE damage and Phaseslam creates a big shockwave that does damage to all enemies around Amara, making it go-to option in most cases.  Of course, you will have the chance to switch your Action Kill whenever needed, so don't worry.

Once you hit level three, turn your attention towards the Brawl skill tree, and more specifically - in Personal Space. It's advisable to use 3 points here because it will increase your damage with 36% when you are in a short-range from your enemy. What's more, this skill does very well against specific types of enemies such as beasts or psychos.

The last thing to use your points on here is Clarity, which is very strong as it gives you a lot of constant health regen. 

Level 8-12

Now that you've opened the second tier, there are a couple of important things to choose from here. First, we got Samsara, which is an amazing skill that increases your gun damage and regeneration once you use Phaseslam. And since this is will be your most common action skill, it makes it very useful.

Once you're done with this one, use two points on Helping Hands, which will allow you to gain a certain damage reduction for fifteen seconds after you use Phaseslam.  

It's important to note that it's not advisable to use your new corrosive element yet. Keep it for a little while.

Level 13-17

The third tier is a little bit more tricky because there are a couple of options for you to choose from. First, Find Your Center looks like one of the best options because allows you to do double damage after you use Phaseslam. Once done, use three points into Mindfulness, which is great for improving your shield recharge time and gain bonus movement speed (100%).

The next point should go into Helping Hands again for the same reasons we mentioned above - extra damage resistance. 

Lastly, you can even try to equip the new action skilled called Fracture. Even though it does not hit everyone around you, this skill has a shorter cooldown but it deas more damage, which makes it pretty cool.  What's more, you can even add the augment called Revelation, which will give you a chance to make novas for every enemy that you do damage to.

Level 18-22

The best thing to do with the new five points is just to put them into Root to Rise. This is very cool because it will give you a massive 40% health boost, allowing you to be a lot tankier. That said, be sure to keep your newly unlocked skill called Downfall for later because it's too early to use it now.

Level 23-28

The first spell you want to focus on on the fifth tear is Guardian Angel. As the name suggests, this is a very powerful spell that allows you to immediately get a second wind with all your HP back if you get "downed".  It can work wonders, especially in certain situations.

The next thing to go for is Do Unto Others, an ability that can automatically throw an orb against anyone that deals damage to you. Even though the percentage is not that high, it is still worth going for it.

Lastly, spend the last three points you have into Jab Cross, which will increase the damage of your action skill by 45% right after you hit someone with a melee attack. Oh, and let's not forget Blitz, which increases your damage by 100%.

Fist of elementals skill tree Level 29-44

After you do all we mentioned above, it's time to focus on the Fist of the Elements tree, where you need to spend a lot of points. First, go for Anima because it increases your elemental damage by 40% and doubles your status effect duration as well. Once done, Soulfire is the next option due to its Incendiary damage increase. 

The first skill to choose from the second tier is Illuminated Fist, which increases your melee damage by 75% for a couple of seconds. Next, put five points into Wildfire because it has the chance of spreading the elemental status effect on to other enemies as well.

Lastly, spend four points on Infusion because it gives you the opportunity to basically ignite your enemies, which is pretty cool.

Level 45-50

Finally, we reached the last tier! There are a couple of things to do here, but the first one is to get Indiscriminate to the max because the ricochet is just broken right now. In addition, you can use a point in Deep Well, which will increase the size of your magazine elemental weapons by 20%.

Dread is another cool spell to have because it increases your gun damage and allows you to automatically reload once you kill an enemy which is under the effect of phrase grasp.

Last, but not least, use the action skill called Fist Over Matter because it's just too good to miss out now.


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