Boomsday Project meta tournaments are about to start

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Pros are ready to try new Hearthstone expansion on tournaments

We have already tried new cards, weird combinations and new interactions and it is time to give HS pros chance to show something interesting. The best way to do that is to present their deck-building and playing skills in competition.

Today players from all over the world are going to take part in the first big tournament. They will be divided into 4 teams: Europe, North America, Taiwan and South Korea. Teams are playing BO3 system, games will be broadcasted on official Hearthstone twitch channel. 

Rules of tournament say that each deck has to have at least 8 cards of newest expansion. So, players can’t rely on preformed old decks and we’re hoping to see new Boomsday archetypes and have great fun.

P.S.I’m going to unpack my boosters today, waiting for good ideas.

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