Bombshell gets a release date on PC

Nov 23 2015 2 min read
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It's been quite a bit since anyone heard much about Bombshell. It was back in August that the game first surfaced out of the rubble of a lawsuit Gearbox Studios filed against 3D Realms over the creation of a new Duke Nukem project. Despite setbacks, Bombshell was given a release date today.

Posted up on Steam, it would appear the game is slated for January. Further, the Digital Deluxe Edition was announced today in addition to standard editions of the game. The standard edition will be $34.99, but for $39.99, the Deluxe Edition include the official soundtrack, art book, world map overviews, and early access to a beta for the planned first-person shooter prequel to Bombshell, designed in the '90s aesthetic of Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior

So what is Bombshell? The easy answer on first glance is that it's female Duke Nukem. It's definitely a bad ass central character going against a bunch of gross and vicious looking aliens. The game seems to feature top-down shooter mechanics in its regular gameplay, but there are also moments where the camera seems to get flexible. It's certainly not 3D Realms first rodeo and the developer, Interceptor Entertainment, were the folks behind the remake of Rise of the Triad, so take that for what it's worth. Bombshell certainly looks like it has potential at the very least.

Bombshell is slated to drop on January 29th on PC. Console editions are in the making, but there are no dates for PS4 or Xbox One yet.




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