Bloodborne: Caryll Runes locations Guide and how to use them

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Bloodbourne is one of the most interesting games when it comes down to those adventure type of games. The Caryll Runes in the game are special items which can be used to add different type of bonuses to their characters. For example, these items can either boost your characters stats, make your weapon stronger or even help you to get more Blood Echoes, which are very important in order to play properly the game. 

It is important to know that you can only memorize up to four runes from your inventory at a time, which means that you need to choose carefully what you do.  Of course, you don't need to worry that much because you can always just witch the runes at any time using the Memory ALter in Hunter's Dream. However, it is still important to prioritize those runes which are needed for the current time period.

How to use Caryll Runes

It is very important to know what exactly do you need to do in order to use the Caryll Runes properly. Having said that, before you can even equip any runes on your character, you need to have the Rune Workshop Tool, which is very important because it allows you to pretty much control those runes. You can get it after defeating the third boss called "The Witch of Hemwick" in the Hemwick Charnel Lane, which is a special door just behind the boss. After you deal with him, go down the stairs and you will end up finding the Rune Workshop Tool item put on a skeleton. 

As soon as you get it, go back to Hunter's Dream and this item will let you memorize runes when you go to the Memory Altar. Now that we cleared this out, let's take a look at the different locations and effects of those runes.

Caryll Runes locations and what do they do


The three runes here provide a higher number of the maximum Higher Blood Vials that you can hold.

  • The first rune which you can get is located just after you defeat the Blood Starved Beast. When he is down, there will be a new door that will open in the Cathedral Ward. Once you are there, use the elevator and go to the upper floor. However, once you go there, there will be a couple of enemies that you have to deal with, so be ready for some action. If you manage to do that, the rune will be in a chest inside the room. 
  • The second location is just after you defeat Rom, the Vacuous Spider. Once you do that, you will be able to get back to the game's starting area - Iosefka's Clinic. One of the methods to do this is to go through the Forbidden Woods. Once you go there, look for a big cave which will contain a ladder inside. Climb on it and you will see another chest which contains the rune located on the first floor of that cave.
  • Next, if you want to get your hands on another rune, you will have to deal with The One Reborn in Yahar'gul and then interact with the objects within the boss area. If you do this, you will get teleported to the second floor of the Lecture Building. Once there, just look for a big hall and the rune will be inside.

Formless Odeon

The two runes listed here can give you a higher Quicksilver bullet counts.

  • The first one is located right next to the Cathedral Ward Lamp. In fact, this is a very strange looking NPC which is called the Chapel caretaker. If you want to you can just go and kill him without doing anything and he will drop the rune. However,  it is better to talk to him first so that he can give you some information about the other runes.
  • The second place to find this type of a rune is right after you kill the Blood Starved Beast. When you are done, go back to the Cathedral Ward and then take the right door and the elevator. The end goal is to get the rooftop, which is not that easy because you will have to go through a couple of challenges beforehand. However, once you get there, take the path which leads to the Chapel's balcony and it has a chest on it, with the rune hidden inside. This rune will give you +4 QS bullet.


These runes will give your visceral attacks to grant more Blood Echoes, making them very important to have. 

  • The first place to get this rune is just after you kill the golden hunter. However, there is a slight trick here because you will have to deal with the Eileen the Crow as well. However, after you kill the holden hunter, you will be able to get this rune as loot.
  • The second location where you can this rune is just after you pass the Yahar'gul, Unseen Village Iantern. As soon as you pass them, head down the stairs and take the left exit and you will see a couple of enemies that you have to deal with. They are not hard to deal with so this should not be that much of an issue. Once you're done battling with them, head out of this area and go through the destroyed wall which will lead you to another room. When you get there, search for a big chest with cell bars on top of it and the rune will be inside.


This rune will make you acquire more Blood Echoes as well as more echoes when you kill enemies.

  • Unlike the previous runes, this one is only located in one place, which definitely makes her ver valuable and sort after. In order to get it, you need to go downstairs from Yahar'gul. Unseen Village Lamp, to where the two Death Dealers are at. Once there, look around for a corpse and the Moon rune will be just below their feet.


This rune provides a temporarily boost effect to your transformations. There are two places where you can find them.

  • The first place where you can find this rune is in the Cathedral Ward. Once you are there, go through the right door after you slay the Blood Starved beast and then just take the elevator. Once you get to the top floor, you will have to pass the bridge will lead you to the Healing Church Workshop. From there, head right instead of going inside and then just drop off the ledge there. The end goal is to go all the way down, so you will need to follow all the ledges. Having said this, this is definitely a little bit harder, so you might want to google a little bit before actually doing it.
    As soon as you reach the bottom there will be a big werewolf that you have to deal with. Luckily, he is only big in size, which makes him a rather easy foe. You will be able to pick up the rune after he drops it.
  • The second-place where you can get this rune is inside the Forbidden Woods. However, before you go there, you need to defeat the guy that hs a cannon, which will allow you to enter a big mill. As soon as you get there, make sure to get all the way upstairs, which will require some effort from your side because there are a lot of obstacles on the way. The end goal here is to get to the roof which is overlooking the mill's entrance.
    Having said that, once you go there, there will also be an NPC that just stands there and eats something. You will have to interact with him and basically tell him to go to Oedon Chapel so that he can be safe.
    Then, head back to the Cathedral war and be sure to keep an eye on this NPC because he needs to stay alive. What's more, don't worry if the other NPCs start dying, yours will be fine.  After he is safe, he will transform into a beast that you have to deal with. So, if you manage to kill him, you will get your hands on this rune.


This is one of the more defensive runes that will boost your physical defense by 3%.

  • You can obtain this rune from a corpse which is near the Hemwick Charnel Lane. Once you go there, search around the big rocky platform and you will be able to find it there. However, if you ever feel like you are lost, go back to the main shortcut gate and you will be able to navigate from there.

Fading Lake

Similar to the previous rune, this one also provides with defensive capabilities. However, instead of physical damage, this rune reduces the fire damage you take, which is pretty good in certain situations.

  • You can find this rune once you go to the Nightmare Lands. Once there, take the left side of the path and just go on it until you see a big lake. Do not go inside because it is highly poisonous. This means that you need to jump in order to go to the other side safely. If you are able to do this, you will see the rune on the other side of the shore.

Clear Deep Sea

Another defensive rune which provides a lot of slow poison resists, which is pretty good. However, unlike the previous defensive runes, this one can be found in two locations.

  • The first one is also very close to this poisonous lake. Look around until you see a big hill and go there. However, you need to be careful because there will definitely be some enemies there which you have to deal with first before going. After you are done with them, just go to the glowing spot there and grab the rune.
  • The second place where you can find this cool rune is just after you enter the area of Forbidden Woods. There will be a lot of snakes there, so if you see them just keep going to the right. Of course, there will be a lot of enemies there, so prepare yourself for some action. However, they are not all that scary, which means that you should be able to deal with them fairly easy. Once you deal with the snakes, the rune will be sitting on the ground.

Clockwise Metamorphosis

This is a very strong defensive rune which boosts your maximum HP, meaning that you will be a lot tankier than before. Similar to the one above, there are also two locations here.

  • The first one is located on your way to the Nightmare Frontier. When you are walking there, there will be a giant stone bridge which you have to go through. Immediately after that, you should see a small cave tunnel which has an entrance at the end of this bridge. Keep going down until you reach a dead body on the bottom of the cave.
  • The second place is yet again close to the snake-filled path of the Forbidden Woods. However, this time you need to go along the main path until you stumble across the spot with a very big pig. Don't engage a fight with it because it is pretty strong. Instead, take the right and walk slowly until you see a drop into an area which has a giant gate and an enemy guarding it. Deal with him and then look around for a corpse that contains this rune.

Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis 

This rune is also a defensive one and it boosts your stamina bit a little bit. 

  • The first place where you can get it is, again, in the snake-infested part of the Woods. Once there, take the main path and you will soon reach a giant snake that you have to deal with. Having said that, you can choose from head-to-head combat or just try sneaking around so that you avoid the blood.
    Anyway, when you make up your mind and pass the snake, you will find a hidden path which will take you to a cliff. As soon as you get there, just jump down a few times and stay on the road until you come across a very strange looking creature. Don't worry, there are no other creatures like that there so you will not mistake it. The rune will be on a corpse just behind it. 
  • If you want to try another place where you can get this rune, you need to kill The One Reborn in Yahar'gul and then interact with the objects that are in this boss area. When you find the right one, you will get teleported to the second floor of the Lecture Building and then use the ladders to return to the first floor. As soon as you get there, you will see a big spider which you can either kill or just let it live. In both cases, you will receive the rune, so killing him seems to be a little pointless.

Dissipating Lake

This rune gives you a 5% damage reduction, which can work wonders when combined with the other damage reduction runes out there.

  • In order to get it, you need to go to the Shadows of Yharnam. However, this is a little bit tricky because the only way to get there is by using the elevator there. Once you do that, you will see a big lake that has yet another big pig inside it as well as several oversized tree roots coming out of the water.
    Here is where the fun part begins. The Dissipating Lake Rune is located in the bottom of the lake, which means that you need to go through all this in order to get there. I have tried to sneak past all of this but it is too hard to deal with. That's why one of the best things to do here is to just try and take one enemy at a time until your path is clear to the prize.

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