BlocBoy JB accused Fortnite of stealing the “Hype” emote

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BlocBoy JB took a jab at Epic Games on Twitter for stealing his famous dance move for one of the emotes in Fortnite

Seems like BlocBoy JB is tired of seeing people using the move associated with his “Shoot” song and crediting Fortnite for it. The famous rapper accused Epic Games of taking money for his creative work.

In a follow up tweet BlocBoy JB claims that Epic Games failed to credit his move due to racial prejudice.

The “Shoot” move is extremely popular both inside and outside of gaming community and there is no evidence that BlocBoy JB has exclusive rights for it. Epic Games hasn’t responded to the accusations yet.

Back in July, Chance the Rapper suggested that Fortnite developers should put the original songs behind the emotes.

"Imagine the money people are spending on these emotes being shared with the artists that made them".

 Chance also noted that he would love to buy emotes together with the songs.

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