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BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket now available

The annual celebration of Blizzard games is just two months away

Sales of the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket have just gone live. The ticket offers access to exclusive content otherwise only available to attendees of BlizzCon, alongside a selection of digital in-game collectibles. So far the only revealed cosmetic item is the legendary Overwatch skin - Sombra, the demon hunter, paying homage to the Diablo franchise. Rewards for the remaining Blizzard games are yet to be announced.

A range of videos meant to get fans ready for the live event on the first weekend of November is also available on the official BlizzCon site, as well as through the BlizzCon Mobile App. For the first time ever live attendees and Virtual Ticket holders can also vote for what they’d like to see on stage in a series of Build-a-panel polls.

Whether you’re going to Anaheim or plan on watching the show from home, BlizzCon 2018 promises to be a truly historic celebration of everything Blizzard.

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