Blizzard wants to improve StarCraft 2 late game

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A major balance revamp will discourage turtling and give late game units a clearer role.

During WCS Montreal that took place last weekend, Blizzard announced major balance changes for StarCraft II multiplayer. After last balance revamp of such magnitude many players and streamers claim that the game is in the best state it has ever been, so developers have a very high bar as far as this update goes.

 Will Battlecruiser become great again?

 This patch focuses on the late game and balance designers tried to breeze new life into capital ships. Blizzard is trying to bring Battlecruiser, who “has always occupied a strange place in StarCraft II”, back into competitive meta by allowing it to shoot while moving and making other minor adjustments.

Besides Battlecruiser, changes will come to other late game units to give them a clearer role in the game. For example, Carriers will lose Graviton Catapult upgrade, that allows deploying interceptors almost instantly. With this change, Carriers won’t be able to instantly assault enemy frontline and players will need to find smart ways to engage.

 Surprisingly, this update won’t touch BroodLords, the most dangerous Zerg flyer, but on the other hand, Ultralisk gets a lot of love. This land behemoth will get a new upgrade, increasing its speed outside creep.

 Blizzard is bringing a myriad of “soft” changes that will adjust the way big armies interact in the late game. You can check out the full list of updates here. Patch will go live after WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon, which takes place in November.

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