Blizzard issues apology for Hearthstone Tavern Brawl delay

Dec 03 2015 2 min read
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Hearthstone's latest Tavern Brawl was set to offer players a brand new challenge with "Decks Assemble!", but due to massive issues regarding stability in European games, the Brawl was delayed. Blizzard has since been able to troubleshoot the issue and offered an apology for the problem.

The problem caused the launch of the Decks Assemble! to be delayed by several hours, in which an official statement was offered on the Hearthstone forums by the Community Manager. In the apology, it was pointed out that European players were experiencing frequent disconnections during the early hours of the Tavern Brawl's release and this was a result of unforseen issues coming from stacking new content on the existing game. It was stressed that there were the issues in European games were not a result of anything having to do with the European servers.

Decks Assemble is a unique challenge mode like most Tavern Brawls. Players are dealt small hands of cards. At the beginning of each turn, you get a new card and when you play a card, a copy is shuffled into your deck. At the end of a turn, your hand is returned to your deck and you are dealt a new hand. It certainly randomizes the game quite a bit more than usual and makes for more short term strategies based on what kind of cards and combinations you're pulling in each term.



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