Blizzard announced the Overwatch World Cup

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The tournament finals will take place at Blizzcon 2016

The Overwatch pro-scene keeps moving forward in leaps. For example, right now Cologne hosts ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown with $100,000 as a prize. Plus, FACEIT and ELEAGUE recently decided to partner in order to run Overwatch Open with the $300,000 prize fund.

Blizzard decided to stay behind and is now announcing the Overwatch World Cup!

Attention all soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities—the Overwatch® World Cup needs heroes . . . and it will be up to you who answers the call!

The Overwatch World Cup will be an international exhibition pitting teams from multiple nations and regions against one another in a battle for global glory. The celebration begins with communities around the world voting for which players they'd like to see represent their country. Teams will then compete in a series of exhibition matches online and, ultimately, on the BlizzCon 2016 stage!

The inaugural Overwatch World Cup gets underway next month, and whether you’re competing or just want to show your support, we need heroes like you to get involved. Here's how.

How exactly is this going to happen? Blizzard split the process into two stages, details below:  


In the very near future, certain players who have distinguished themselves within the community will be selected for a chance to represent their nation or region on the global stage. We'll be nominating a mix of representatives from each participating country, including pro gamers, skilled community personalities from the area, and local players who’ve climbed the ranks in Season 1 of Competitive Play.

Shortly thereafter, starting Thursday, August 11, the communities from each nation or region will vote for the nominees they’d most like to see on their country’s team roster. Information on eligible players’ favorite heroes and competitive rankings will be available to help you make informed choices as you make your picks. You must have an Overwatch game license in order to participate, and you can only vote on behalf of the nation or region where your account is registered.


After voting concludes and each country’s players have been selected, teams representing multiple different nations and regions will take part in best-of-three, single-elimination online qualifiers, starting in September. Then, at BlizzCon in November, sixteen teams will battle in best-of-three, round-robin group stages and best-of-five, single-elimination finals.

To ensure that all major regions of the world are well-represented at BlizzCon, the sixteen teams competing there will include six from the Europe game region, six from the Asia-Pacific game regions, and four from the Americas. The complete list of countries and regions taking part is as follows:

One interesting thing is that apparently there will be no cash prize for the World Cup. Although it's worth mentioning that Blizzard will give the top 16 teams competing at BlizzCon an appearance bonus and a free trip to BlizzCon.

You can find additional information and FAQ about the Overwatch World Cup in the official blog

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