Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2018 with map list for a group stage

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Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2018 with map list for a group stage

The map picks of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen have been revealed.

Esport media production company RFRSH Entertainment (team Astralis and Heroic owner) will run a second edition of BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen with $250,000 in prize money. The tournament will take place on November 2-3 at the Royal Arena in Denmark, where two sides that top the group will advance to the best-of-three grand final to earn the trophy and $125,000.

This event is different from the others mostly because of its own format. All six teams are picking a map before the event even started, so that’s why we can provide you with the whole list of maps in a group stage.

Overpass will be the most playing map which we will see from the teams, while the map was introduced to the Counter-Strike community at the end of 2013. On the other hand, legendary Dust2 or Nuke were banned in all vetos, while the usual suspect, Inferno and Mirage, were picked four and three times, respectively.  

The entire list of matches and maps are listed below:

Round 1

Europe FaZe vs. Sweden NiP| Mirage
Brazil MIBR vs. Denmark Astralis| Inferno
Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. United States Cloud9| Mirage

Round 2

United States Cloud9 vs. Brazil MIBR| Inferno
Denmark Astralis vs. Sweden NiP| Overpass
Europe FaZe vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere| Overpass

Round 3

Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Denmark Astralis| Overpass
United States Cloud9 vs. Europe FaZe| Overpass
Sweden NiP vs. Brazil MIBR| Train

Round 4

Europe FaZe vs. Denmark Astralis| Overpass
United States Cloud9 vs. Sweden NiP| Mirage
Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Brazil MIBR| Overpass

Round 5

United States Cloud9 vs. Denmark Astralis| Inferno
Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Sweden NiP| Inferno
Europe FaZe vs. Brazil MIBR| Cache

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