Black Ops Blackout devs seem think they’ve just invented Battle Royale

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Black Ops Blackout devs seem think they’ve just invented Battle Royale

New PlayStation video describes Black Ops in terms you would use for a generic Battle Royale game

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has recently been released and the developers want you to believe that its Battle Royale mode is absolutely unique. In the promotional video below, they say that the map is 1,500 times bigger that Nuketown as if it’s somehow important. Nuketown isn’t a big location and it’s hard to say if the whole map is bigger than, let’s say, Erangel from PUBG.

Here is an actual quote Treyarch Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar uttered in an excited voice:

There’s a lot of players, there’s a lot of experience, and the whole point of the game is to survive. And how you survive involves the environment and the map collapsing till there’s one winner. 

I have no idea who this video was made for. Throughout the clip Mr. Vonderhaar described the new game in terms that apply to a generic Battle Royale game, which is weird because every gamer in the world with access to broadband Internet knows what PUBG and Fortnite are.

Feels like creators of the game have been sitting under a rock since 2016 and are under impression that they’ve suddenly come up with this ultra-new genre called Battle Royale.

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