Black Desert Online: How to Craft Beer

Aug 30 2019 5 min read

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Black Desert Online is a sandbox-oriented fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by a Korean company called Pearl Abyss and originally published for Windows way back in 2015. The game has been rising in popularity ever since which also led to a new version called Black Desert Remastered. 

In terms of combat, Black Desert Online is an action-based game that requires a lot of manual aiming and free movement from the player. This makes it very similar to the mechanics found in various third-person shooters out there. The game itself offers housing, fishing, farming and many other fun things to do, similar to other MMO games. Of course, let's also not forget about the PVP siege events which are very challenging. 

Despite that, one of the most popular things to do in Black Desert Online is to craft various things. Here is where the Beer shines because it is one of the most important commodities in Black Desert Online. It is the only way to replenish your workers' energy because as you know, you can employ various NPC's in the game. That's why beer is important if you want to keep them in working conditions. 

There are many ways in which you can get a beer. For example,  you can simply go and just buy it. However, this is pretty expensive, which is why many people decide to opt to find an efficient way to produce beer. One of the very best places to do this is in Velia. Apart from that, beer producing is also very important if you have any plans on producing other items such as armors for example. 

Let's take a look at how to actually do it.

Black Desert Beer Crafting

The first beer recipe is fairly easy to make but it still has some specifics which need to be underlined. First, you need to have the following things to start the job:

  • Wheat, Potato, Corn or five pieces of  Barley 
  • Six bottles of Mineral water 
  • Sugar 
  • Two pieces of Leaving agent, which cost around twenty silver each.

It is very important to know that literally everything except the plants can be bought very cheap in pretty much any major city. For example, in Veila, near the inn at the center of the town, you can find the Chef called David Finto. He will be able to supply all the ingredients mentioned above.

Apart from having the needed ingredients, you also need a place to do the magic. This means that your residence needs to be equipped with the right tools in order to do the job. 

One of the most efficient things to get here is the No.2-1 at 1CP because it is just the cheapest one possible. Also, be sure to buy multiple Cooking Utensils and put them in your house. Lastly, do not forget the rooms that you need to make for your workers.  They should be also taken into consideration because they are a necessity.

It is important to remember that you will also have to invest several contribution points in the surrounding nodes so that you can get the necessary plants ready. Here is what you need to get:

  • Loggia Farm – Logia Farm Potato Farming 
  • Bartali Farm – Bartali Farm Potato Farming 
  • Finto Farm – Finto Farm Potato Farming 
  • Toscani Farm – Toscani Farm –  and two pieces of Corn Farming 

So, to summarize: in order to start working properly, you will need to invest 6 contribution points. Next, you'll need twenty-two more to upgrade your brewery all the way up. After that, you need 5 nodes so that you will have enough supply of potato and corn in your warehouse. 

Investing all five vegetable nodes at once is not a good idea, especially if you just began to play this game. You will just not have enough contribution points so giving away everything you have is not an option. Keep it in mind that you will get more vegetables when your workers gain experience and level up over time.

A Couple of very important tips

It is worth pointing out that you can get several beer recipes at once whenever your character is gaining cooking experience. When you finally reach "Skilled" level in cooking, you will be able to have a random chance of getting Cool Draf beer, which is a lot more expensive and also provides way better stats compared to the standard beer.

Moreover, you can do various things to speed up your cooking products such as getting a Silver Embroidered Cook's Clothes for example. Another very notable way to help yourself with the beer making is by using the Sute Tea while you cook. It might not seem like much, but it definitely has its impact and it will help you in the long run.

For instance, it provides you with plus eight percent additional Life experience gain for ninety minutes. Another big plus for reaching the highest level in cooking is Cook's Clothes reward. It is pretty cool because you will get a +10% cooking experience. When you take into consideration the bonuses that you get, it definitely makes the entire thing worthwhile.

Useful Cloths to use

Aside from the things mentioned above,  there is also a specific type of clothing that you can use to speed up the entire process as well as increase the experience which you'll earn while making the beer. One of them is called the Canape custom and it's basically a set of Pearl Stone items sold for around 3k pearls. It will provide with a +15% cooking experience. It also reduces the cooking time of each batch by two seconds which makes it worth picking up.


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