Big MAFIA IV leak

Nov 12 2019 2 min read

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Reddit user TheTruthTeller1985 recently shared a big MAFIA IV leak. If accurate, the game will arrive in 2021 and fixes many of the issues fans had with the last game in the series.

TheTruthTeller1985 acquired the information from three separate sources, two of whom used to work for Hangar 13 and the last being a video game journalist. The project is allegedly what every Hangar 13 branch is currently working on, except for their Czech Republic office. Instead, they are developing a MAFIA II remaster, which is a complete overhaul of the original game running on the same engine powering MAFIA IV. TheTruthTeller1985 emphasized that it would be released very soon, so we shouldn’t have too long to prove that bit of information right or not.


MAFIA IV is set in 1970’s Las Vegas, picking up right after MAFIA III’s end. Players will use a new protagonist with the story spanning a decade in a world that is reminiscent of a Martin Scorsese movie. That means the game has dropped the documentary-style storytelling of MAFIA III.


The game is built on an upgraded version of the MAFIA II/III engine, doing away with many of the technical issues that plagued the former engine. Motion capture for the game also began 8-9 months ago.


MAFIA III’s repetitive missions are also gone, while many planned mechanics that never made it into MAFIA III do so in the upcoming game. One significant addition is an empire-building system that will allow players to build, buy, and expand their casinos.  

If this leak proves valid, we could be getting two MAFIA games in our hands. One a remaster with the level of polish the Resident Evil 2 remake received, and a brand new title that sounds like the most ambitious game Hangar 13 has made so far. As with any other leak, level your expectations.


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