Beyond The Summit reveal three more events for 2020

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Beyond the Summit

Crossover Summit combines Melee and Ultimate for a new Summit experience

During the just-concluded Smash Summit 9, Beyond The Summit announced the return of two events and a new tournament, all scheduled for 2020. Mainstage 2 and Ultimate Summit 3 will continue to bring their brand of Super Smash Bros. action while Crossover Summit is a new tournament that will see both games combined.

Mainstage 2 is the follow-up to last year’s September event in which we had Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate tournaments. Ultimate Summit 3, on the other hand, had two events last year focused solely on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so the possibility of a third comes as no surprise.  

Beyond The Summit was scarce on the details but did provide dates for each event, outlining their Super Smash Bros. calendar for the year. First will be Ultimate Summit 3 in June, followed by Mainstage 2 in October, and their first event with two mainstage titles, Crossover Summit, will take place in December. 

As we’ve gotten used to the Beyond The Summit way, we expect there to be qualifiers and vote-ins for these events. Crossover Summit will also probably bring new rules and scenarios to their Smash offering.   

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