Bethesda helps boy with cancer to fulfil his dream

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Bethesda helps boy with cancer his dream

Really touching story

Bethesda makes headlines in the press again but this time there weren't any announces about new Skyrim relaunch. It’s all about care and humanity.

12-year-old Wes is living with a rare form of cancer (neuroblastoma) for half of his life. A few days ago doctors told Wes' parents that his treatment needs to be stopped. That was a moment the boy has realized that he probably wouldn't play Fallout 76 cause it’s going to be released in November. Wes loves this game series and heroes of Fallout.

Bethesda read about Wes situation from the Facebook post and studio assistant director Matt Grandstaff drove 4 hours to the family home in Virginia in order to visit the boy. He brought a copy of the game and a prototype of the Power Armor signed by Todd Howard. Unfortunately, Matt couldn’t leave a copy to Wes forever because it’s too early, but the boy’s parents told in Facebook that just a few hours of playtime made their son very happy.

In July, Todd Howard had already said that he is determined to help sick children. The company supports the Make-A-Wish charitable foundation and accepts young visitors who want to see how their favorite games are created.

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