Best R6 Siege Plays of the Week (Twitch Highlights)

Aug 15 2019 3 min read

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Another week has brought us enough fresh Rainbow Six Siege footage to enjoy – and as much as we love exciting plays performed by some of the best professional players, there’s always space for silliness and fooling around. Time to get entertained and impressed!

Watch your step

You should be always constantly scanning your surroundings – especially in a game like Rainbow Six Siege where every corner hides a potentially dangerous encounter. Here’s the example of alanzoka being too fast with his moves. He proceeds jumping down the hole in the ceiling – only to find out mid-air that the floor is full of traps. You don’t need a translation to understand his emotions.

The definition of a girl gamer

So, you chauvinist pals out there are probably thinking that guys are a lot better at video games than girls are, aren’t you? Well, it’s 2019 – and you should probably think before you make a statement like that, but that’s not actually the point. Take a look at this inspiring play by TheMrsMidas – she’s left 1v5 by the end of the round, and she manages to turn the tables into 1v0. Girl power!

Kill exchange

Here’s a proper professional match between Empire and TSM featured on the official R6 Twitch channel. Casters got surprised by an unbelievable play performed by Achieved who unfortunately died a second later – but his elimination of the enemy kept everyone shouting in surprise. Where was that trap planted? How did he manage to do that? 800 IQ play at its best.

Access denied

Another proper meet-up– this time, between SSG and EG – presented a wonderful showcase of an “effective utility use” performed by Rampy from the former team. Playing as Kaid, he was extremely fast to reallocate his electroclaws in order to deny every possible breach attempt by EG. Beautiful, just beautiful – and the casters’ emotions speak for themselves.

You shall not pass

It’s not a proper Rainbow Six Siege article if there’s no trace of Pengu – and there you go, the popular player is back with a tasty triple kill during the match between G2 and Secret. With a little help from his teammate, Pengu was able to leave the only player from Secret – poor meepeY – alone against the whole of G2. Well, it technically became 1v4, but you should see it for yourselves.

The floor is lava

You can’t have too much of Pengu in a single compilation of the best R6 plays, can you? Since we are fairly confident that the article will only benefit from another inclusion of the popular player, here’s a wonderful “environmental” performance by the man himself – he spots the enemy via cameras and then proceeds with an impressive C4 elimination through the ceiling.

Never tell me the odds

You might be thinking that a 1v4 situation in professional competitive gaming should always have a predetermined result – but in reality, such an assumption is miles away from the truth. We’ve seen numerous times how professional players can handle tricky situations when they are left outnumbered – and today’s great execution is played out by Merc from TSM during the match against Empire. Sadly, it wasn’t perfect, but nonetheless impressive.

Just enjoy the game

A little bit of joyful Matimi0 for dessert – who’s going to resist his charming charisma and genuinely happy celebrations? Well, it’s not about his great plays this time – more about his audience and the appreciation of the great man Matimi0 is by his fans. Someone tells his in chat that he is still garbage at ranked being 228 level – and the response is funnily light-hearted.

All right, we’ve lied – here’s also perfect pixel-hunting by Matimi0:


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