Best R6 Siege Plays of the Week (Twitch Highlights)

Aug 07 2019 3 min read

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Rainbow Six Siege continues being a highly impressive video game – mostly because it requires exceptionally high skill to be effective. The best players are light-years away in terms of performance – they have adapted the “tap-the-head” style of giving away headshots with deadly precision. Let’s take a look at what the recent week has prepared for us.

Pixel hunting

Yacin “Lion” Benaziza was featured on the official French R6 channel during his game against Team Oplon. The MCES player performed a few fantastic takedowns after hitting sheer pixels that represented his opponents – using a 4K scope on MP5 for impressive headshots. It does make you wish you could play as good, doesn’t it?


On a humorous note, forsen has recently discovered that people might get unbelievably annoyed just by a few seconds of silly music played in the voice chat. His teammate’s emotions speak for themselves – the poor guy shouted the hell out of his lungs to zero effect leaving forsen giggling.

Pop those heads

Pengu makes Rainbow Six Siege look incredibly easy. He’s decided to take on a PvE mission where he literally obliterated the team of AI terrorists. The reaction time and aim control are stunning – some of you out there might be thinking you’ll never be able to play that good. And you are damn right.

Legit aimbot

Another fast aiming – by another pro R6 player Thiago “xS3xyCake” Reis. The Brazilian player looks frankly surprised by his own impressive play, which is so good that honestly might give an impression of Thiago using some “software.” Obviously, he is not – and this fact makes him even greater.

You can’t hide

Being a professional player doesn’t necessarily help you when you face a proper cheater – like the one you’ll see below. Alexander “Skys” Magor was unlucky enough to encounter a wallhacker – and the obvious case was undeniably confirmed via a replay. Doesn’t feel fair at all.

Haunting face

Caveira with her terrifying “skull” face paint looks like a character from a horror movie – which is why the reaction you are about to see is fairly understandable. NarcolepticNugget got spooked by the enemy’s female operator running from behind – only to unload a few bullets right into her skull face. Please, don’t get this phrase wrong.

A gentle nade

A well-positioned frag sometimes greatly benefits your team. A few days ago, Matimi0 made an overly complicated frag play, which resulted in a perfect kill. Let us all enjoy this moment together with the player, as he looks excited and happy!

That’s it for today, but you can expect a lot more other exciting plays and funny bits in the coming weeks since Rainbow Six Siege is nowhere close to losing its popularity. Moreover, we know for sure that Ubisoft is not going to develop any sorts of “Siege 2” in the nearest future, so we are safe for a couple of years at least.


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