Best R6 Siege Plays of the Week (Twitch Highlights)

Jul 30 2019 2 min read

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Rainbow Six Siege, being a highly skill-dependent shooter, can serve as the source of impressive godly plays. At the same time, some specific traits of the game might result in unexpected funny stuff – and we are here today to treat you with a bit of everything mentioned above along with something more.

Deaf = dead

Sometimes relying too much on callouts from teammates might result in a complete failure. That’s what happened when popular streamer xQcOW warned his fellow AP_QuickPeakGod a bit too late. If only the latter had opened his ears beforehand. Siege has an exceptionally great audio design and you can literally “see” the enemies based on the noises they make.

Surprise, surprise

Have you ever experienced a case of pure frustration when an enemy kills you in a situation when he clearly shouldn’t? Don’t you worry – it happens to the best of us. Here’s a vivid example of how Pengu was eliminated by an enemy he couldn’t even react to.

Snake, ooh, snake!

The official Twitch account for the French Rainbow 6 League has showcased some beautiful plays by the contenders that no one would expect. What’s the strategy you would choose to infiltrate the building? Wrong! Introducing the Snake Meta – in the video below.


The grand finals of the Brazilian R6 League brought together Team Liquid and FaZe Clan. The final moments of the game were some absolute beauty. That’s what you call fast and furious – and also extremely impressive. The emotions were exploding!

What do you mean!?

Another clip from Pengu where he gets emotionally unstable once more, only this time he is sincerely fascinated with his teammate’s play. Honestly, watching this dude doing what he did is just pure joy. Unbelievably fast reaction and cold-blooded approach.

A walking fortress

Why would anyone ever think that Montagne needs a team behind him? Just watch SoFastAim doing some shield magic while playing as this operator against a full enemy squad. Great control of the situation and perfect execution.

Walls? Which walls?

Supr has caught an obvious cheater who’s been doing some pretty exciting stunts – like the one where you can see through the walls. The hacker wasn’t even trying to hide his actions – he was fully committed to killing enemies whatever it takes. That’s dedication!

That’s it for today – but we’ll definitely return next time with more exciting plays and hilarious foolery.

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