Best Games of Previous Week #6

Jan 08 2019 5 min read

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This was the first week into 2019 which didn't turn out to be overcrowded with new games. Once again we have a list of titles mostly dedicated to Switch - as there's always a new game for Switch. There isn't actually much speaking of newly released and original projects, but we did our best to include all of the stuff that deserves at least a bit of your attention.

Xenon Valkyrie+

First we have a pixelated rogue-lite Xenon Valkyrie+ for Switch which has already hit both PS4 and PS Vita (yes, the handheld is surprisingly still alive). The game's title has an additional plus for a reason, as it is an upgraded version of the original Xenon Valkyrie which released on PC a couple of years ago. It doesn't differ that much visually though, since the major enhancements were made in the gameplay field. Xenon Valkyrie+ is still an action-packed platformer which tasks you with fighting your way down to the deepest areas of the Moon. The game features a ton of weapons for you to enjoy, and each playthrough is different because Xenon Valkyrie+ welcomes you with freshly generated levels every time you choose to start a new fight.

Released on: Nintendo Switch.

JCB Pioneer: Mars

As if it wasn't hard enough to survive in real life, here's another survival adventure which started its fight for players' attention more than a year ago in Steam Early Access. JCB Pioneer: Mars is now hitting Switch, and it's not the project to be extremely excited about. The game is pretty limited in gameplay mechanics' variety, as you are mostly forced to constantly hunt for resources. Mining is the key principle here, and you never know how much resources and of which type exactly you are going to obtain. This is pretty accurate in terms of simulating the survival process, but games should be fun in the first place. We would rather prefer a simulator where you take the role of a man in a spacesuit piloting Tesla Roadster towards new undiscovered planets while listening to David Bowie's "Space Oddity".

Released on: Nintendo Switch.


If you've ever tried playing Overcooked! and enjoyed its silly chaotic gameplay, then here's another game to fall in love with. We're talking of course about Catastronauts, which is pretty similar to the game we've mentioned a few words earlier - but with a cosmic twist. In Catastronauts you are tasked to maintain functionality of a spaceship while fighting off enemies and dealing with various emergencies. Gameplay wise it's a rework of Overcooked! with a slightly more aggressive take on cooperative duties. The game was a welcomed one when it released on PS4, Xbox One and PC back in September 2018, so it's safe to say that Switch owners are going to enjoy the title as well. Just make sure to find a group of three friends to accompany you in your stellar adventures.

Released on: Nintendo Switch.

Don't Sink

In case you were not satisfied with Sea of Thieves due to the lack of content and activities, there's a pretty similar project. By "similar" we of course mean the pirate theme, because visually it's a complete opposite. Charmingly pixelated Don't Sink looks simple, but has a lot of potential and depth. You have to battle and sink other ships, establish control over whole islands while defending your own towns, and of course go on adventures exploring the vast game world . As developers note themselves, Don't Sink is best described as a marriage between Pirates of the Caribbean and FTL: Faster Than Light. It's a challenging and diverse game which is capable of keeping you engaged in long term - and this beauty has finally hit Switch.

Released on: Nintendo Switch.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

Yet another water themed game. More specifically, underwater. The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is an adventure, as the title suggests, where you have to explore the ruins of human civilization which now serve as an underwater tombstone for all the efforts of the gone race. The remains are claimed back by the aquatic wildlife, and you are set to discover the dangerous beauty of a world which has almost forgotten about the self-proclaimed kings of nature. It's a gorgeously designed side-scroller to admire and observe, but of course you have to fight for your life - the life of the last remaining human. The game makes you feel involved with its subtle storytelling, and the inevitable aspiration to reach the final conclusion encourages you to never stop exploring.

Released on: Nintendo Switch.


You might go "Meh" looking at the games listed above - but don't you worry. Starting next week there's going to be the first wave of major - or close to major - releases with a bunch of new titles. Going further, January and February are expected to be packed with a huge amount of games, so stay tuned. You are also free to check the aforementioned games out on other platforms, as they are all ported on Switch after their initial releases on PCs and consoles.


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