Best Games of Previous Week #4

Dec 27 2018 5 min read

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Here's another week (December 16-22) full of releases, and there's at least one huge PC contender in the form of a new MMO from ARK: Survival Evolved developers keeping the memes about ARK alive like never before. There're also a few games that are expanding their presence to some new platforms, but let's not delve into this stuff instead outright heading on to checking the list of fresh releases. Onwards!


First of all we have a "modern classic" from Campo Santo - a charmingly exquisite adventure Firewatch, which has finally reached Switch community. Honestly, it's a shame if you haven't played this wonderful game before, but in case you are a devoted Nintendo fan now it's time to enjoy Campo Santo's latest. It's a beautiful project both visually and gameplay wise, and you are definitely going to have some great time exploring the picturesque wilderness of Wyoming forests while uncovering the mystery of what the hell is going on there. You better check this game as soon as possible to get prepared for In the Valley of Gods - a new adventure from the studio currently in development.

Released on: Nintendo Switch.

Donut County

Here's a thing - puzzle games don't always have to be boring and "story-less". We've got a great example of masterfully executed World of Goo which still occupies a special place in our hearts - but there's a chance we are getting some "holes" in them as well. Meet Donut County - a humorous game where you literally play as a hole while solving puzzles. The project has already released on a number of platforms including mobiles and deserved a huge wave of rave reviews by gamers - and now it's also available on Xbox One and Switch for all of you to enjoy. Can a hole make new friends? It's up to you to find out.

Released on: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Left 4 Dead gameplay formula is still attractive to a huge amount of gamers judging by the fact that the original Warhammer: Vermintide was popular enough for developers from Fatshark to release a fully-fledged sequel, which has been available on PC and Xbox One for quite some time. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is bigger and better in every stance serving as an example of a carefully kept promise. It's a fantasy co-op action game which tasks a group of four players with clearing out levels overcrowded with hordes of enemies while following the objectives and battling mini-bosses.

Released on: PS4.

Road Redemption

Motorbike racing action games deserve more recognition as it is a safe and fun way to let your rage out. Road Redemption went a long way before hitting Xbox One - but it is here at last, and you can finally enjoy motorbike violent mayhem on your favorite Microsoft console and lead a group of bloodthirsty bikers to fulfill your brutal desires. Serving as an unofficial spiritual successor to Road Rash series, Road Redemption does a great job expanding the original gameplay mechanics of the aforementioned franchise while maintaining the recognizable style and keeping the atmosphere. Hitting enemies with spiky bats and pipes while driving a motorcycle on a highway gives a bizarre impression of a twisted anarchic chivalry - and that's why we love this game so much.

Released on: Xbox One.


Studio Wildcard must've had a real brainstorming discussion while creating the concept of Atlas - like "let's make an ARK rework - but with pirates and even more lags". It's pretty much the same game by the looks, although Atlas is described as a new pirate MMO supporting 40,000+ players in a single open world. It has already spent a few days in the wild and the gaming community is not happy with what it turned out to be - to say the least. We've recently covered the promising ideas put into the game, but it seems that it has nothing in common with the released product. It is worth noting that Atlas is in Early Access, so things are likely to change with time passing. Yet, the user score in Steam stands at a pathetic mark of 27% positive reviews - and you better give these reviews a look.

Released on: PC.


Don't get used to original releases as we are heading back to simple ports. Well, not so simple this time as we are talking about Sundered - a beautifully hand-crafted platformer which inherits its stunning visuals from Jotun by the same developers from Thunder Lotus. The game also features a similar mythical vibe with huge monsters and bosses of epic scale to fight. This is a contradictory project though as its exquisite looks are neighboring with repetitive gameplay and a few other flaws. Still, it is well worth your attention in case you'd love to enjoy a real feast for your eyes.

Released on: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.


Not so big releases, huh? Don't worry, there's always more to come - and these days on New Year eve you better spend with your loved ones and close friends while we keep our duty searching for the games that might draw your attention. Happy Holidays!


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