Best Games of Previous Week #11

Apr 09 2019 5 min read

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In the gaming industry, just like everywhere else, there’re traditionally periods of ups that are followed by inevitable downs. It’s fair to say the same about weekly releases, and the previous week was yet another “down” with just a single more or less major release. Well, re-release. Still, you might find something close to your heart. 

Today’s compilation consists of the following titles:


Rend is a rather simple fantasy survival MMO that doesn’t actually have any unique features. It’s more of a compilation of the existing ideas in both genres, and the developers put this machine to the test almost a year ago, last summer. Rend has started its existence in Steam Early Access, but the previous week marked the full release on PC. You choose one of the three existing factions to join and ascend into the unknown of the huge open world to team up with players and jump into battles. The game requires a lot of time since it has a strong social element, so bear that in mind.

Released on: PC.

FAR: Lone Sails

FAR: Lone Sails is a beautiful exploration/narrative game where you embark on a surreal journey in a land vessel across the post-apocalyptic world. Your unique vehicle is powered by both sails and an engine, and your main objective is to keep this machine running no matter what. You’ll be challenged by a lot of various obstacles on your way, including solving puzzles and surviving the unforgiving weather conditions. The game feels as if you were the least human alive, but is that really so? A compelling and deep story is waiting for you.

Released on: PS4, Xbox One.

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition

Don’t be surprised by the inclusion of Darksiders: Warmastered Edition in our compilation, as the game has reached a new platform, Nintendo Switch. Interestingly, this is not the first time we see the game on a Nintendo console – two years ago Warmastered Edition also released on Wii U. Anyway, this is a general remaster of the original Darksiders game where you take upon the role of War – one the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. You must travel the post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by demons in search for truth to prove you are not responsible for the outcomes of the war between Heaven and Hell. It’s a great game, and you should definitely give it a try.

Released on: Nintendo Switch.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a multiplayer fighting game dedicated to the iconic characters back from the 90s. The game was developed to mark the 25-year anniversary of the entertainment franchise and includes various heroes and villains. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid inherits the idea of team-based battles from Marvel vs. Capcom, and you are free to form your own unique combos of the preferable Rangers and their enemies. The fighting system is rather simple, although it has a reasonable depth so that the fans of the genre could find themselves a challenge. The game has hit consoles, but is also coming to PC sometime in 2019.

Released on: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced

Now, here’s our major re-release, finally. Gearbox loves releasing its games several times in a row, and Borderlands GotY Enhanced marks this trend once again. The game was visually improved to look crispy and fresh on 4K displays and features enhanced character and weapons models, improved locations, and new textures. There’re even more guns than previously, and you’ll definitely find one to your liking. The character can be customized with extra new heads, and you can also get new golden chests with more sweet loot. This is a great way to spend your time waiting for the Borderlands 3 release, which is scheduled to happen in September.

Released on: PS4, Xbox One, PC.


The now-defunct Runic Games studio had enough time to develop and release its last game. Sadly, it wasn’t Torchlight 3, but Hob is nonetheless worth your attention. It’s a sweet and visually charming adventure with neither text nor dialogues – you are on your own to observe and discover the magical world around you. In Hob, you go on an adventure across the mystical lands while enjoying the wonderful music, progressing the hero, battling the enemies, and solving puzzles. The Switch port was handled by Panic Button, and let’s appreciate the studio’s work on keeping the Runic’s legacy alive.

Released on: Nintendo Switch.


Another week has passed, and we are left with a number of new games – well, actually, not so new ones, but still mostly great. You are probably playing Borderlands GotY Enhanced now, although the rest of the compilation might appeal to you as well. Take care – and love good games.


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