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Well, last week was full of new videos, releases and announcements, since the annual exhibition of computer games E3 was held during June 10 – 12.

Well, last week was full of new videos, releases and announcements, since the annual exhibition of computer games E3 was held during June 10 – 12. There was a lot of everything: good and not very good. Having got all thoughts together we tried to structure all the things presented there and give you our top 15 of the best trailers of last week. Of course, not everything you can find here, but we couldn’t make the list bigger. In addition we would like say that it is the opinion of our editorship and it can deviate from yours. Anyway, let’s start.


1. The first place certainly goes to Assassin's Creed Unity trailer. Perhaps many of you are tired of Assassins’s adventures and someone think that there is nothing new, but trailers for Ubisoft series were always made with the soul. This trailer also confirms this. It showed us dirty soaked France in all its beauty, revolution and people thirsting for freedom and justice, framing it with good music and well-executed visuals.

2. The second place goes to cinematic trailer of The Division – a game which many of you are waiting for, hoping that it will be a masterpiece. As in Assassin’s trailer we enjoyed a wonderful footage and music, but this trailer had another meaning: signification of troubles and people’s sufferings, things which we see and which we do not notice or don’t want to notice, and also about our readiness to give a helping hand to those who need it.


3. And again Ubisoft. I would like to add that in recent years the company becomes only better. It goes ahead and develops itself as versatile, as it can. And the new platform game Valiant Hearts became a result of this development. This game tells us about the horrors happening during the World War I and about the people witnessing them, living and dying on the battlefield. Video touches to the heart, making us feel involved in all these events for a moment and experience the bitterness of defeat and the joy of victory.

4. To tell you the truth I had a long fight trying to tell myself "No", but I could do nothing. I gave up and gave the fourth position to the new trailer of The Crew. The idea of trailer is good. And although it’s far from new, it’s implemented well, supplemented with the familiar music and perfectly made video demonstrating the basic features of the game: team gaming and the endless expanse which we have to travel through, getting into different climates and conquering the most unpredictable roads.

5. This position goes to a new game called Ori and the Blind Forest, developed by a small company High Moon Studios, which has already given us Deadpool, Transformers Fall of Cybertron and War for Cybertron. First of all, the trailer itself is very lively, beautiful and fabulous. There is not a big amount of such projects, but those which we already have are done excellently. I hope that Ori and the Blind Forest also will not disappoint us.

6. Trailer of The Last Of Us Premastered (a reissue of a known project for PS4) receives the sixth position. The trailer is great, with good music, and (what is most important) is very enjoyable for those who have already played this game. If someone will disagree the current position of this trailer, I will explain this at least as follows: we have already seen this, there is nothing new, but it’s necessary to pay homage to The Last Of Us.

7. The seventh position is occupied by a trailer to the second part of the game about the adventures of magicians. Everything is simple here: the game manages to retain its inherent fun without losing anything, because its gameplay is unique, although it has not been particularly changed since the last part of the game.

8. I must say that this video is not for everyone, but we decided that it is worthy to occupy the eighth position. Visuals and music may seem strange for some of you, but give a chance to the new Metal Gear Solid and you'll see all the charm of such a mini-story of Solid Snake.

9. This position goes to a new trailer of Battlefield Hardline, dedicated to the game’s multiplayer. Everything is with no-frills, supplemented with the great music and well-done video. But it occupies the ninth position only because we know that it could have been better. In general, it’s not enough for the higher position.

10. The honorable tenth place belongs to a new exclusive for PS4 - The Order 1886. The game promises to be an interesting steampunk project with a story about a secret society for the extermination of evil spirit in ever-rainy London of 1886. First of all, the game should be appreciated for its atmosphere, although the gameplay also promises to be interesting and dynamic.

11. The eleventh position goes to the trailer of the game called No Man's Sky created by independent developers from Hello Games. Trailer shows us freedom, adventures and spirit of investigations, exactly what we often lack in life. Of course, you can say that the previous games are not worse, but this statement doesn’t make this one less good. Personally, I hope for success of this project very much.


12. Eternal adventurer Lara Croft occupied the twelfth position. Trailer shows us that Lara has nightmares after events of the last game, and, of course, she cannot sit still and therefore she is in search of something new and unknown again, together with us.


13. This position belongs to a trailer of a new game of Alien series. First of all, trailer looks cool and, frankly speaking, encouraging. Despite the fact that I’m not a big fan of the mentioned series, this trailer made ​​me doubtful of my opinion.

14. To tell you the truth it was difficult for me to give the next-to-last position to a trailer of so much expected and promising game. Dragon Age Inquisition promises to be a great continuation of the series. But the trailer turned out to be the most pointless and unrelated. Watching it you have a feeling that creators just cut the game into pieces and shoved everything into a single video, supplemented it with some kind of music. In general, if you want to see a really good trailer of Dragon Age, follow this link: What to say about the trailer presented at E3… Well, let’s just say that it exists.

15. And finally, already aged Nathan Drake completes our list. He aged so much that even doesn’t look like himself. We can recognize him only by his traditional T-shirts and ammunition vest. As for the rest, all the games about Drake have always been good and the new part should not be an exception.

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