Best Apex Legends Plays of the Week (Twitch Highlights)

Jul 24 2019 3 min read
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Apex Legends is having a second advent thanks to the popularity of the current Season 2, and all the additions made by developers including long-requested ranked leagues resulted in a great response from the community.

It feels like everyone is playing the game right now, Today, we’ve got another compilation of impressive plays and funny moments captured from some of the best Apex Legends players’ livestreams.

The gun has disconnected

Let’s start with a bit of signature charismatic frustration performed by DrDisrespect after he encountered a spectacular bug in Apex Legends. After unloading a whole mag with R-99, he got stuck with a vanished gun – even though you can clearly see that the SMG actually reloaded to a full mag. We all have to admit that the game is still full of surprising issues.

I for Innovative motion

You must’ve seen equilibrists doing impressive stunts over ropes in circuses, but you’ve probably never seen a human-sized robot B-hopping over a zipline and shooting enemies with a Wingman. That’s exactly what dizzy was doing while playing Apex Legends – and you will instantly wish to be at least half as good as he is.

Flanking at its finest

Apex Legends offers a very dynamic and interactive environment, which in return allows for impressive plays. Aculite has recently shown how you can flank the enemies in the bunker within a few seconds – all you need is to pick Pathfinder and to be as good as Connor is with the character. The clip is called “God tier flank” – and that’s for a reason.

Esports-ready and bugfree

Another clip from our humble Canadian clearly shows that some features introduced to the game with the start of Season 2 do not always work as intended. Here’s an example of Wattson’s ultimate ability obvious miss. Despite the fact that the machine should neutralize every incoming throwable, one cheeky thermite grenade slips through the defensive measures. How’s that possible?

A helping hand

A great execution of two popular light-ammo SMG has been performed by pokelawls – with just a little bit of extra help from the side. Sometimes, all you need to do is to let the guiding hand take you on a route to the victory. Like, literally. “How did you get so good?” was the reaction of his teammates.

You can’t hide

It’s not just we who can’t get away from DrDisrespect. He’s everywhere, and just recently, Shroud has confirmed that statement. His game was literally invaded by a surprising appearance of DrDisrespect. It won’t be long till he haunts everyone in their dreams.

Longbowing around 2.0

Last time, we had a tasty Longbow performance by Aculite, but you can’t have too much of that. Once again, a series of sweet masterful headshots with the help of this powerful sniper rifle is a great opportunity to feast your eyes – only this time, we have Shroud as the gunman.

In the honour of iNcontroL

The last clip of our compilation is a heart-breaking one – it’s taken directly from Geoff’s last livestream before his sudden and tragic death. He promised to be back over the weekend – and he never returned.

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