Best Apex Legends Plays of the Week (Twitch Highlights)

Jul 10 2019 3 min read

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Apex Legends is a very skill-dependent fast-paced shooter, which takes us back to the roots of the genre thanks to its understandable gunplay and fluid movement. The game is somewhat close to Quake III Arena, and maybe that’s the reason why talented players perform such impressive plays in Respawn’s Battle Royale title.

In this compilation, we’ve tried to select ten most exciting highlights of the recent week for you to enjoy watching. There’re famous streamers and professional gamers, and you most likely know them all. It’s not only about 200 IQ plays and skilful performances – but some entertaining stuff is also included. We hope you’ll have a nice time!

Alternator is OP

Let’s warm up with a bit of Shroud action. Just take a look at how easy the game is for the experienced player when he gets an overpowered gun in his hands. Using a modded Alternator, Shroud completely destroys his opponents in the clip below.

Keyboards are overrated

Another complete destruction – only this time, it’s the keyboard being literally destroyed. Skean got utterly upset with his teammate, and his frustration resulted in the violent annihilating of the guiltless device. RIP.

Salty Legends

The owner of the most emotional moustache ever, DrDisrespect has recently stood up with his salty overreaction from a pretty hurtful death in Apex Legends in a situation where the odds were initially in his favour. We feel you, we all do.

Endgame intensifies

ShivFPS performed one of the most emotional endings out of all Apex Legends matches. His squad was facing the last one, and the circle was moving towards disappearing – the final battle unleashed on its edge. Literally insane.

The Struggle

ChocoTaco struggled to keep a straight face when the girls on his team went into a hilarious discussion. Let’s pay the tribute to choco’s attempts to switch the attention towards the actual game.

Predatory envy

While you are most likely struggling to stay in the Silver League of Apex Legends ranked mode, there’re players gaining the highest and most prestigious rank of Apex Predator. Here’s retzi progressing for it.

A cheating excuse

In the clip below, mendokusaii wasn’t prepared for his death since he called the player who killed him a cheater. While it might look like the case of cheating, the player clearly has a perfectly good aim. Or an aimbot?

Watch your step

Fooling around with pals in video games is always a great relief and pure joy. We can’t blame aceu for knocking his teammate off the map. Who would’ve not done it given the chance?

Shaky play

For the dessert, have a look at our man Shroud once again while he is panicking because of a 7.1-magnitude earthquake unleashing in California during his Apex Legends stream. But nothing can prevent him from playing the game!

Longbowing around

And here comes the proper dessert. Aculite shows what it means to have a great sense of aim and a fully kitted Longbow performing juicy headshots and a cheeky no-scope. That’s why we love Connor so much!

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