Becoming a master at Tekken 7: The beginning

Jul 23 2020 4 min read

Interested in becoming a master at Tekken 7? Don't worry, we all have to start somewhere, and that's just what we will do.

A small note: This article will be interesting for experienced players to remember their path, as well as to players who have no idea about fighting games but are very curious to try them.

My knowledge of fighting games is limited to a few hours in Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11. But the desire to try me in a new discipline, especially with such a history and a stable positive attitude of players, did not fade away.

My whole game strategy is usually built on "press all the triggers of the controller in a row, together, and interspersed - something will work out." And it worked out - I beat my boyfriend, who had been playing fighting games for more than one year.

But here I wanted to figure out; is it possible for me to learn from scratch in the game so that my skill is high enough to go into battle against our fighting game guru - Cryptte?

First impression

The first thing I liked in the game very much was the intuitive menu and the battles on the background with good music. Also, you can customise your menu bars with different designs. Some of them are really fun and cute: 

Becoming a master at Tekken 7
Becoming a master at Tekken 7
Becoming a master at Tekken 7

Three video clips are available for viewing from the start of the game, which tells about the prehistory of the hostility of the main characters of the storyline. This is an exciting story, so I will definitely dig into the game's lore.

I started as a standard for getting to know a new game with the story campaign. I chose, of course, the easiest level, which I almost immediately regretted. After a couple of game trailers and a few easy fights, I realized that I was wildly bored and needed to change the difficulty level.

But since this was only the first time I tried the game, so to speak, I took a "touch" of the insides, I just left the story mode and decided to try some other mode with fights.


I did not have enough courage to go online against real people right away. I realize that it is like going out into the open field and yelling, "Give me a fighter here, the strongest one," Then, things will get very painful in all sensitive places. In our case - by a fragile ego and fingers not accustomed to specific actions.

Therefore, my choice was to train against a passive bot.

As I indicated above, for the first time, I was feeling out the game and not going into all the details. Therefore, my first steps looked something like this (laugh and catch the facepalm below):

Once (about a year ago), I read an article about how a beginner has to behave in Tekken 7, and one of the first points was "Choose your fighter." So I chose the most striking, in my opinion, of the characters available to me - King, a fighter with a human body and a cheetah's head. Of course, I would like to try Julia or Negan right away, but I am still thinking about purchasing the DLC or Season Pass.

And here I would like to pause on the fighters' roster a bit. There are 49 fighters in total (there are 36 available in the standard version), and it's tough to make your choice. All of them have exciting techniques, fighting styles, and appearances.

Of course, you can try each fighter in practice and then determine whose style you like best. But I left this for the process of mastering the game, and for now, I have chosen King solely because of his unusual appearance.

After a short training session, I found out that learning combos for each character are essential because just pressing everything, like in Mortal Kombat, to win a battle will no longer work. Also, applying the style "I hit with one move until the enemy stops laughing and figures out to use a block" also won't work. After all, in my case, King has a funny feature - he catches dizziness and falls after a few "turns".

Realizing that I would not achieve success with such "palpation" and I definitely need learning guides and videos, I closed the game and went to google the most useful guides for beginners on the Internet.


Stay with us and share your experience of mastering the game (both in the comments on the site and in social networks) and wait for the continuation of my adventures ;)


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