Battlerite Royale goes free-to-play

Feb 01 2019 2 min read

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The developers of Battlerite Royale announced the release date for the game and promised a massive update that goes along with it.

Battlerite Royale is a Battle Royale game with elements of MOBA, where players choose between different heroes and survive on a shrinking arena. The map is littered with loot and participants often find themselves fighting for items that bring improvements.

One of the most significant setbacks of Battlerite Royale has been the fact, that players needed to pay $20 for the Early Access to the game. With access to a vast collection of free Battle Royale and MOBA games, there’s relatively low interest to pay for another product, which seems to be a mesh of the existing ones.

Here is the most recent announcement from Game Director of Stunlock Studios (the company behind the game) Peter Ilves:

Upon our community request to release the game as soon as possible, we are pumped to announce that Battlerite Royale’s free-to-play launch now has a confirmed date. Thank you to everyone who has been participating in the beta and giving us your feedback. We are now super excited to deliver the complete experience - a MOBA Royale - free for everyone to play. The game launches together with a massive update including several surprises to look forward to.

Peter Ilves didn’t mention it but most likely, the players who paid for the game in Early Access, will get additional perks.


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Battlerite Royale is now free-to-play
Battlerite Royale is now free-to-play

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