Battlefield V and 4K

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Xbox One on the summit?

Recently the Digital Foundry team has made an interesting discovery. The team did a research on how does the BF V beta performs on Xbox One X and Play Station 4 Pro. Results, to be honest, were unexpected, only Xbox One had produced true 4K quality when PS4 only 1800p. 

Both versions use dynamic scaling, in order to improve FPS, both games run on 60 FPS but native 4K is achieved only by Xbox. However, we have found that PC and consoles versions have problems with frame drops. 

Unfortunately, we haven't seen Battle Royale during open beta. The release date of the game is set for November 20th. Let's hope that devs will improve frame rate for PS4(cause I don't have Xbox) and new BF will be an honorable opponent for new Call of Duty.

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