Battlefield: Hardline – Dinosaur Head Skins Confirmed

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One of the most famoust Battlefield memes finds its way to Hardline

battlefield hardline feautre


Ever since the release of Battlefield 4, a lot of gamers wished for a dino mode. And while the latest rumours suggested that Battlefield: Hardline would feature something like that, we can safely say – at this point – that those rumours were not accurate. Instead of an epic dino mode in which dinosaurs would battle humans, Battlefield: Hardline will offer a raptor head skin/mask (as well as a wolf mask). Obviously, this won’t satisfy those that wanted a proper dino mode in Battlefield, but then again it’s cool knowing that Visceral and EA are aware of the high demand for such a thing. Below you can view two videos showing the raptor head skin in action. Enjoy!




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