Battlefield 4 Is Set to Have a Great 2015, Beginning with a New Update

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New Battlefield 4 updates and content free for all

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Battlefield 4 has come a very long way since its awful launch. From being completely unplayable to pretty much fully functional, a lot went by. Now, luckily, things are about to get even better for the game’s enduring fans.


Maybe you remember (and got really happy) when DICE announced that Battlefield 4 was going to have additional content beyond the already scheduled expansions. Well, now we have further information and it’s all looking really good. Besides a few tweaks, updates, and a weapon pack, the big deal will be two bigger content drops. That probably means new maps, which may even be complete expansions. The best thing about this is that it’s all supposed to be free for all Battlefield 4 players, independently of their membership status.


Now, the really interesting thing is how DICE is using the Community Test Environment to enhance the whole Battlefield 4 experience. In addition to being the most important tool used to fix the game, now it’s also being used to create new content. During 2015 a map will be built, tested and fixed with the help of the community using the CTE. This pretty cool initiative announced by DICE will be heavily based on the players’ feedback, who will also have access to the behind-the-scene process of map development. For the very first time, Battlefield fans will be able to be a part of the creation of a map. 




However, while players wait for the community map development, they’ll be pleased to know Battlefield 4’s more-than-interesting 2015 will actually begin in March with a new update. The Winter Patch, as it’s been called, will further improve the netcode and fix soldier collision. Additionally, it will tweak the Squad Obliteration mode, which is said to become the game’s leading competitive mode from now on.


All in all, it’s all good news. Knowing DICE isn’t forgetting about Battlefield 4, especially with Battlefield Hardline’s release around the corner, is surely reassuring. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a way to regain the players’ trust, or a move to retain fans who won’t be moving to HardlineBattlefield 4 is a great game and additional content is always interesting.

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