Battlefield 4: Dog Tag Locations Guide

Aug 07 2019 9 min read

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When you think of a first-person shooter, Battlefield is definitely one of the first games that come to mind. Having said that, Battlefield IV is the fourth version of this amazing series and, according to many of the players, it is also one of the best so far. Also, similar to the other Battlefield titles, this one offers you the chance to play either alone or in a multiplayer with your friends.

The single-player campaign has several differences from the main multiplayer component. For instance, the player can use various mini-sandbox style levels, using for example tanks, boats and another type of gadgets. In addition to that, there are also special campaigns which feature a  lot of assignments that require specific actions to unlock weapons. In addition to that, the collectible weapons return along with a thing called dog tag which can be used in multiplayer.

The Dog Tags are one of the rarest and best things to collect in Battlefield 4. Apart from just having thenm, they are also used in order to complete the achievement called Recon as well as customizing your character in various ways. In addition to the ones that you find randomly, there are also many other ways to actually get your hands on the dog tags. 

What's more, the Battlefield 4 premium members also have a special dog tag which differentiates them from the rest.  Having said that, there are many hidden dog tags across the campaign. Let's take a look at where can you get them in order to put them in use during your multiplayer games.

Mission 1 - Baku

As you would expect, the first three dog tags are obtainable while you are doing the first mission in the game. 

  • The first tag is located at the very start of the level, as soon as you approach the second big objective there. However, keep it in mind that it is possible to miss it due to the many things that are happening, so be sure to remember what are you looking for. As soon as you get close to the objective, there will be a door on the right side which you can take and once you get it, the dog tag will be on the wall to it's left, so you can't really miss it.
  • The second tag is in a little bit more awkward place compared to the first one. Having said that, as you progress through the mission, you will find a large group of enemies. In fact, this is going to be the first large group of enemies. There will be a big red room there where the squad will go to the lower level through a destroyed floor. However, remember that before jumping down and following them, you need to enter the room on the left and search for the dog tag there.  It will be standing on the wall very close to the window.
    Also, keep it in mind that if you accidentally fall, you won't be able to get it, which means that you need to restart the mission. That's why it is important to do it on your first try, otherwise,you will just be wasting time.
  • The third and final dog tag is located just after the building collapses near the very end of the mission. As soon as the building starts falling down, Dunn and Irish will be sitting near the wrecked chopper. Your job here will be to navigate through the various objectives and flames in order to reach the cockpit of the chopper so that you can find the dog tag in it.

Mission 2 - Shanghai

  • The fourth dog tag overall and the first one in the second mission is yet again located at the very beginning of it. When you start, there will be a big van that you need to escape and then follow Pac and Irish. However, before actually doing this,  go to the opposite direction which will lead you down the alley. From there, take the left and just walk a little bit more until you reach the dog tag on the door there near two garbage bins.
  • Tag five is located right next to the elevator that you exit later on in this mission. In specific, it will be on top of it, which means that you have to try and climb up.
  • The sixth tag is, similar to the previous mission, located at the very end of this one. What's more, it is also possible to get it while you are running away through the alleyways from the tank that shows up. As soon as that happens, you need to cross the street and then run up the ramped fence. Once you do this, keep going forward and you will see a big gate on the right side of the corner. Look through it and you will see the dog tag just standing there on the wall, easy for you to pick it up.

Mission 3 - South China Sea

  • The first tag in this mission is available literally in the very beginning of it, as soon as you take control of the mission. When you do this, just walk a few steps down the corridor and you will see some barracks standing on the ground and a bed. The tag will be on the bed itself, so just go and get it.
  • The eight tag in the game is possible to get as soon as you hop into the hatch and start swimming later on in this mission. In order to obtain this item, you need to go through the flames and then through a door ahead of you. Once you do this, look around a little bit until you find the item that you came for.
  • Lastly, this tag is possible to get as soon as you go through the Med Bay in order to check the deck of the Valkyrie. From there, go to the left of the deck so you can reach the destroyed chopper and then find the dog tag in the cockpit.

Mission 4 - Singapore

  • The tenth tag in the game is, yet again (what a surprise) obtainable at the start of the mission. Move to the left until you see a white boat and go there. After this, just look around a little bit and you will find the dog tag just standing there. It's pretty much impossible to miss.
  • After you are done with the tank and take out the incoming armor, you are going to enter a special type of a building which has glass walls and a bar inside. From there, you need to go behind the actual bar and just start looking for the dog tag on the ground. Keep it in mind that there are various other objectives there as well, so you might get lost in the beginning. 
  • The last dog tag in this mission is definitely a lot harder to get compared to the first ones.  First, as soon as you reach the main hangar, you need to somehow get inside the huge jumbo jet which is just standing there. However, this is easier said than done because there are two possible scenarios: the plane can be either hit or not. if it is, you will have to run-up to the wing and reach it. If not, there will be a couple of steps next to it which you can just take and reach your objective. The dog tag is going to be inside.

Mission 5 - Kunlun Mountain

  • The thirteen tag is possible to get as soon as you meet up with Irish and the other inmates at the start of the mission. When you eo that, go to the right side of the yellow stripes on the floor until you reach a wall. From there, go to the right and you'll see a locker which you need to open and search for the item.
  • Tag fourteen is available as soon as you take the elevator with Dima in Irish. When you do this, go to the left when the elevator stops and you will reach a room which is pretty much empty inside and all it has is a ladder.  Take the ladder and go flour B-3. From there, just follow the catwalk to the electrical panel which is a few steps forward and the dog tag will be there hanging.
  • The last dog tag is located on top of the snowy hill. When you get there, start looking under the ramp and start looking for the dog tag. It will be somewhere there, just next to the cliff. However, you need to be very careful here because there is a high risk of falling down, which is definitely not what you want to do, especially since you came this far in the level.

Mission 6 - Tashgar

Unlike the previous missions so far, there are only two dog tags here in total. On top of it, they are also a lot harder to get compared to the others.

  • The first dog tag here is very, very hard to lay your hands on. The first thing that you need to do is to pass through the park and go to the short underground entrance. When doing this, you will eventually come out to another big area where there will be a big battle going on. You need to be careful not to get shot and move to a large building which is located directly across from where you enter.  Once you get there safely, there will be a blue truck for you to destroy, so just do it and grab the dog tag once you are done.
  • The next dog tag in this mission is obtainable once you reach the dam and take out the helicopter that is just flying there. As soon as you're ready, just follow the instructions which will lead you to the upper catwalk and then go down. From there, take the first stairs you see and go to a platform and just look for the dog tag there. It will be standing on the ground.

Mission 7 - Suez

  • Again, at the very start of the mission, you will see a large plane which as an open door. Go there and climb up the knocked door in order to reach the top of the plane. From there, go to the rear end and you will find the dog tag on the left side of the tail.
  • Last, but definitely not least, this dog tag is located near Jin Jie's bed. When you reach the med bay, go into the small area which is just across from him. There, you will find another bed and the tag will be standing there, patiently waiting for you.

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