Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Riddler Trophy Locations

Aug 08 2019 11 min read

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There are a lot of Riddler Trophies locations in the Arkham Knight HQ. In fact, the total number of Riddler trophies is twenty-one. Having said that, let's take a look at all the different locations where you can find them.

Riddler Trophy 1

The first trophy which you can get as soon as you enter the Killinger's Department store which is located on the north side of the map. Once there, attack the power WInch to the anchor point on the roof and then just drive down into the fan shaft. After that, you will be able to see the Riddler trophy in the ball right next to you, so all you need to do is just reach and get it.

Also, there are multiple holes alongside each of the tracks there and if the ball runs into one of them it will force the time to reset which means that you need to start from the top again. In order to get the ball to the bottom successfully, you will have to shoot the question marks as it approaches the hole. After this, you will see a small blocker which will prevent it from entering the hole. As soon as the ball reaches the bottom, you`ll have to repeat this process again, however, this tile you will have to balls to deal with.

As soon as both of them go to the bottom with one try, you will see the trophy on the bottom left side of the wall track. This means that you will be able to bat claw it from the small platform located in the center of the room.

Riddler Trophy 2

The second Riddler Trophy is located a small cave-lookalike thingy above the ball track from where you found the first Riddler trophy. There will be a puzzle and a question-mark light on the wall which is surrounded by TVs. Your job will be to hot the question mark with a Batarang and then you`ll see a green one appearing on the screens.

After you're done, an orange circle will appear and move around the screens. You will also need to time a Batarang toss to hit the large question mark at the same time the orange one reaches the TV with the green mark on it. This is definitely very hard to understand but there is no other way to explain it. Be sure to check a couple of YouTube videos in order to get the hang of it.

Riddler Trophy 3

This is actually the easiest trophy which you can get in the game right now. In fact, it is sitting on a bench in the room at the very top of the elevator shaft. However, before you go there, make sure to deactivate the generator in order to stop the first fan.

Riddler Trophy 4

Unlike the third one, this is definitely a lot more tricky to get. It is located in the room at the very top of the elevator shaft, where you should have deactivated the generator in order to stop the first fan. There, you will find a Riddler security panel which can be hacked using the Remote Hacking Device. Proceed to do it in order to open the door and you'll stumble across another puzzle.

Once you open it, there will be a small tube puzzle on the wall and you'll need to guide a ball from the generator on the left through the pipes. When you are done, the Riddler trophy will be on the right of the room. However, in addition to that, you also need to move those green pieces into place so that the ball can move through them. What's more, you can even change the position of the green tubes by hitting the question mark light on the back wall with the Remove Electrical Charge.

Riddler Trophy 5

This riddler trophy is located between the two fans in the RIddler puzzle on the left-hand wall. The idea here is to bring the ball from the top to the green ting at the bottom, which is definitely easier said than done. In addition to that, there are also three spinning wheels here which a bucket area that is capable of holding the ball. However, they need to be activated which is only possible when using the Remote Hacking Device.  Also, there is yet another question mark light to the side which is in control of the direction that the wheels rotate in. It is possible to change this direction if you manage to hit it with a Batarang.

However, before you start doing this mission, it is definitely a good idea to move all the wheels in order for the bucket top be at the top. Otherwise, it will be a lot harder to complete this challenge. Also, make sure that the arrow is actually facing left during the passage of the first wheel because otherwise, it will just not allow the ball to fall out. 

As soon as it reaches the bottom, you'll be able to claim the Riddler Trophy.

Riddler Trophy 6

The sixth Riddler Trophy is also kind of tricky to get but it is definitely not impossible. First, you need to Grapple up to the ledge of the eastern side of the fan and then go inside. As soon as you enter, get up into the ledge which will be located on the left. From there, look down until you see an Arkham Knight Flag and then jump down and go to the next hallway until you see a vent. You will have to go through it, which means that crawling is the way to go. 

After you move through it, you'll have to do yer another ball puzzle. However, this time you need to use the Remote electrical charge on the generator located on the right wheel. If you don't, you will be unable to actually pilot the ball to the green zone at the end. Of course, the easiest way to do this is to just continue hitting the generator with the repel function until the ball itself is in the same section of the wheel as the green gate. 

Riddler Trophy 7

The seventh trophy is obtainable once you glide over the ledge on the southern side of the fan shaft between the two fans. As soon as you do this, hop on the ledge so that you can reach the first elevator. If you manage to do it, try using the Remote electrical charge again on the generator so that you can force it to go up. After you're done, use the explosive gel to take the wall down and you'll find the Riddler Trophy just behind it.

Riddler Trophy 8

After the place where you've found the seventh trophy, take the elevator all the way to the bottom and as soon as you exit it, look around a little bit. The Trophy will be there somewhere on the ground patiently waiting for you.

Riddler Trophy 9

This trophy is also very close to the previous one. However, as soon as you down to the lowest floor, exit into the next room and then look above the pink neon sign. The Riddler Trophy will be there, so you just need to go and take it.

Riddler Trophy 10

The tenth trophy is definitely a lot more tricky to get but it is well worth it. First, you need to enter the door on the western side of the room at the bottom of the fan shaft. When you do it, you will see a green pressure plate which is near the back wall and it also has a spinning Sentry Turret behind the bars to the left. 

Again, it is a very good idea to use the Remote Hacking Device in order to blind the turret before actually stepping on the pressure plate. By doing this, you will also open a crack on the wall, which will allow you to throw a remote Batarang into the event. 

You need to fly it all the way to the very end or until you see a big question mark. After that, return the device to Batman and use a remote hacking device so that you can stop the sentry turret because it deals a lot of damage. When you're done, use a second remote Batarang and go straight ahead through the arcing electricity. Proceed to go into the room with the Sentry Turret and hit the junction box on the wall, which will basically open the door for you to enter.

Riddler Trophy 11

The eleventh trophy which you can get is located in the room where you've deactivated the spinning generator before in order to stop the lower fan. Go there and use another Remote Hacking device in order to open the door and from there, just continue inside and look on the floor. 

There will be a big black door which you need to open but for that, you'll have to hack it yet again.

Riddler Trophy 12

This is the last trophy which you can find in this zone. It is located at the bottom of the fan shaft which is above the blocked entrance. In order to get there, you have to grapple through a small opening. If you succeed, you will find a broken elevator which you can take advantage of. However, in order to do so, you will have to use the Remote Electrical Charge. Go to the second floor and you'll see the Riddle Trophy near a big desk there.

Riddler Trophy 13

Unlike the trophies until now, this one is by far the hardest one to get. What's more, it is also in a very different location.

In order to get there, you need to enter the eastern room of the Arkham Knight boss battle area. There, you will find a RIddler access panel along the southern wall which you can use if you have a Remote Hacking device.

After you go there, there will be another annoying puzzle which you have to deal with. It involves guiding a pair of balls simultaneously from the generator in the center through a series of pipes which lead to the Riddler Trophy above. Of course, the left-hand side also features a couple of red and green tubes which have different effects. You can also change their position just by hitting the associated question mark on either side of the generator with the Remote Electrical Charge.

Of course, there is a lot more into it, which makes this challenge pretty hard. First, you will need to always keep an eye on both of the balls because they need to go in the segments as fast as possible. This can be a very long and hard process but you need to do it if you want to complete the mission. After you trigger the generator, you can rotate the green pipe until the ball leaves it and goes to the red one. When it does, rotate it again and shift them until the ball reaches its destination.

Riddler Trophy 14

The next Riddler Trophy is located in the western room of the Arkham Knight boss battle area. In fact, the riddler trophy will be located in a small electrical charge themed puzzle which is located in the upper walkway. However, in order to solve this puzzle, you will have to rotate it with the ball inside while also using the Remote electrical charge on the generator near it. If you don't, you won't be able to navigate the ball around the walls. 

In order to solve this, you can do the following. First, use the remote electrical charge attract shot, the repel and then the attract shot again. When you finally put the ball where it has to be, you will receive the Riddle Trophy.

Riddler Trophy 15

This one is located in the northern room of the Arkham Knight boss battle area. However, going there is definitely easier said than done because there are a lot of obstacles which you need to go through in order to solve the problem. Having said that, when you actually get there, in the very back part of the area there will be around sixteen panels on the wall which you can interact with using the Remote Hacking Device. 

Of course, each device has a panel which will display a picture when hacked. In addition to that,t here will be a total of eight pairs of images to be found, which definitely makes this task a lot harder than it seems at first glance. Having said that, in order to solve the riddle you will need to find a pair of matching images. This will disable the panels which will make the ask easier to do. Keep doing this until all panels are revealed and you will be able to claim your prize.

Riddler Trophy 16

One of the last riddler trophies is obtainable once you get on the upper level of the center of the Arkham Knight boss fight area. You probably remember this place because you have been there initially before. As soon as you get there, enter the vents and then go back to where the Excavator boss was staying. If you are having troubles remembering it, just google him.

When you finally reach this area, you will see this Riddler Trophy just standing on the wall on the far side of the room. 


As you can see, there is a lot of stuff to do in this amazing game. Having said that, most of the things which you can do are very hard, which might not suit all players. That's why this game is only good for those of you who seek some adventure. If you are not that type of a person, we stongly suggest you look elsewhere


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