Batman Arkham Knight: Bleake Island Riddle Trophy Guide

Aug 27 2019 11 min read

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Batman Arkham Knight is a very interesting game that has tons of incredible stuff to do.  One of them is collecting the Riddler Trophies, which are 33 in total and can be acquired on the Founders' Island. Let's take a look at their exact locations and how to find them.

Riddler Trophy 1

This trophy is located on the upper deck of the lighthouse. Of course, once you go there, you need to be careful because there is a Sniper who can easily bring you down. However, it is possible to get rid of him if you have freed the fire-fighter who was on this location before. Unfortunately, most of the players do not do this that often, which means that you will just have to be careful not to get shot at.

Map coordinates - 1760, 1676

Riddler Trophy 2

This trophy is stationed behind a wall on the road to the "Trade House" building at the end of the docs facing the lighthouse. Breaking the wall is easy because it's pretty thin and weak, which definitely makes this trophy very lucrative to get. However, there are a couple of things which you need to do in order to get it properly.

First, you need to climb to the roof directly above this place an go down until you reach a flat surface. From there, just try knocking the wall down with your hands and if you are having troubles, use pretty much any of your weapons. Once you break-in, you will find the Riddler Trophy inside.

This one's mao coordinates are 1903, 1695

Riddler Trophy 3

This Riddler Trophy is very similar to the previous one because it is also located behind a wall. However, instead of going to the Trade house, you need to walk over the water on the side of a building opposite the "Fish Market". This door is also made of wood so you will be able to easily destroy it. Again, climb on to the roof directly above it and then glide off to the ground. From there, go to the boards and knock them down and you will see the big price waiting for you. 

The coordinates here are 1963, 1477

Riddler Trophy 4

This Riddler Trophy is located in the middle level of a building which is very close to the docks. In fact, it looks as if it's been at war, so you pretty much can't miss it once you go there.

On the western side of the building, you will find an anchor point that you can use in conjunction with your Batmobile's Power Winch in order to open this place and enter it. Sadly, Batman is a big fella so might have some work to do before you get this done. Of course, it should not be that hard.

Once you go in, you will find the floor filled with Riddler pressure plates but despite that, keep looking until you find what you came for. The Riddle Trophy should be mounted on the wall behind a fence on the far side of the room. However, you need to be very careful because if you step on any of the pressure plates it will immediately lock the trophy. 

That's why in order to get to it, you need to first step on the green pressure plate and then use your Remote Batmobile control to release the holding anchor point. This is pretty hard indeed, so don't worry if you don't manage to do it on your first try. It took me around three to actually do it.

Map coordinates - 1976, 1510

Riddler Trophy 5

Unlike the previous one, this Trophy is pretty easy to get. All you need to do is go to a small ruined building using the coordinates provided below. Once you go there, just look for a building that has holes in its walls and sits just above the slum area over the water.

Coordinates - 1956, 1789

Riddler Trophy 6

Similar to the fourth one, this is also not that easy to get but well-rewarding in the end.  

First, you need to head over to the "Killingers" Department store and look for the lower deck sum area on a small platform. It should be very close to the main entrance, so once you go there, it's pretty much impossible to miss. Apart from the coordinates which you will find written there (2147, 1492) there are also coordinates to a pressure plate located on the roof of the twin 'Logerqist Towers'. However, be very careful because if you step on this, it will trigger a countdown. During this countdown, you will see the cage that holds the trophy open, which means that you don't have that much time to mess around.

As soon as you do this, drive off the rooftop and summon you Batmobile so that you can land inside it. Drive as fast as you can to the ramps and you will be able to get a hold of the Riddler Trophy just in time. However, if you fail to do this quickly enough, you will miss out on the opportunity.

Riddler Trophy 7

The seventh trophy in this cool place is possible to get as soon as you clear out the militia roadblock. When you are ready,  you will find a junction box on the wall that can be powered up using the Batmobile's Power Winch. If you do this right, you will be able to open a shutter door beside the junction box. Go in but also remember to check behind the door because there will be a Riddler Robot and pressure plate. The best thing to do here is to use the Voice Synthesizer in order to direct the enemy to the pressure plate. If you do this, you will be able to unlock the Riddler Trophy which is located on the nearby wall.

Coordinates - 2068, 1676

Riddler Trophy 8

This one is very easy to do. Unlike the rest, all you need to do here is just clean out the militia checkpoint. When you're done, you will see a small sheltered ledge below one of the arched entrances there. Go up on it and you will reach a house. The Riddler Trophy will be there right there.

Coordinates - 2251, 1815

Riddler Trophy 9

Unlike the rest, this Riddler Trophy can be found on a wall very close to the anchor point on the other side. Again, you might want to use the Batmobile's Power Winch in order to pull it because it is pretty much impossible to do it without your car. When you do it, you will see three question marks which will light up. You need to hit all three of them, which is definitely easier said than done. However, you can use your Batarangs to quick-fire them and it will unlock the Trophy. From there, use your Batclaw and you will get yourself a new trophy.

Location - 2178, 1841

Riddler Trophy 10

This is one of the hardest Riddler Trophies which you can get in the game. In order to succeed, you need to go to the docks just beneath the southern part of the Perdition Bridge. There are a lot of enemies there so make sure to prepare yourself for a nasty surprise.

Once there, look for a generator and once you find it, use your Remote Electrical Charge to hit it in order to open the door beneath it. You cant try to just attack it with your normal melee attack but it is very unlikely to open. Once inside, you will see a big Sentry Turret that has a reflection on the wall. Right next to it there will be a glowing question mark which you need to interact with.  Do this and then move into the next room so that you can grab the Riddler Trophy. Needless to say, that you need to be extra careful not to bring the attention of the Turret because it can get ugly. It does a lot of damage which is why you should avoid it at all costs.

Ok so, you might this that this was easy but, there is more to it. Once you pick up this trophy, you will be swarmed with the Riddler Robots from who can be a huge pain to deal with. That's why you should use the Remote Control Batarang and hit the question mark light on the wall near the Sentry Turrent from the previous room. If you do this successfully, you will see a big door that will open and then you will have to hit yet another question mark with your Remote Control Batarang so that you can close the shitter again. 

If you fail to do it, you will have to fight with the robots which, let's just say that is not a good fight for you to take.

Map Coordinates - 2198, 1950

Riddler Trophy 11

The eleventh trophy is located in the lower slum area. It might seem like this is the easiest one yet, however, don't let this fool you. 

As soon as you start approaching the area you will see the coordinates 2406, 1726 on a group of Riddler Robots which will be guarding there. Of course, you should try not to get in their way, which means that you need to be very fast and not make any noises. If you do end up causing trouble, good luck dealing with those pesky things. You have to literally pull a rabbit of your hat in order to stay alive.

If you manage to go there unnoticed, use the Voice Synthesizer in order to force them to step on the nearby pressure plate. Just a couple of seconds after that,  the door on the right will open and you have to go through it. Once there, you will have to use your Explosive Gel in order to take down the section of the weak wall opposite the entry. 

In order to do this easier, look for a vent in the room and go to it. There will be some Riddler Robots there but they are pretty weak here so you should have little to no trouble dealing with them. When the room is finally clear for you, grab the Riddler's Trophy from the wall and you are good to go.

Riddler Trophy 12

This one is dead easy to get. Just go in the coordinates 2319, 1667 and look in the ditch directly beneath the ramp. It should be familiar because you might use to jump off there before. However, if you are having trouble finding it, just look on the ground around you. It is literally impossible to miss.

Riddler Trophy 13

Unlike the twelfth Trophy, this one is kind of harder to get. 

First, you need to go to the lower slum area which is below the two large buildings called the "Logerqinst Towers". They look like giant cubes so missing them is very hard. When you got here, look for some green sonar panels at the ground level. They can be activated by using the Batmobile Forensics Scanner Pulse.  By doing this, you will be able to create a trail of question marks which is essential in order to follow the Forensics Scanner Mode.

Once you are done, follow the question sign again and soon you will go to the fan on the ceiling. When you get there, you need to be very quick making your way to the surface. If you manage to escape, start looking for the corresponding manhole up on the road here in order to continue the search. It's easy to understand when exactly you've found the place - the question sign will start appearing and pulsing again.

From there, just continue forward until you go to a green target. It will be next to a wall which you need to destroy and again, you have a wide variety of things to use for this. Once it falls, go inside and you will see the Trophy there.

The coordinates are - 2214, 1467

Riddler Trophy 14

Similar to some of the previous Riddler Trophies, this one is pretty simple to obtain.  All you have to do is to head over to the Wayne International Plaza building. Once there, try to check one of the east-facing balconies. Keep it in mind that there are several of them there so you will have to look at some before finding the price. 

The coordinates here are - 2259, 1332

Riddler Trophy 15

Similar to the previous one, this Riddler Trophy is located on a yellow crate in the middle of the waiting area at the train station. However, be careful when you are going there because it is possible to have some enemies waiting there for you. The exact place is west from the Wayne International Plaza Building.

Riddler Trophy 16

This amazing trophy is located near the Lex Corp building. Once you get there, look for one of the south-facing balconies. However,  there will be an armed Riddler Robot there and a pair of pressure plates to deal with, which definitely makes this challenge a lot harder compared to some of the rest. He does very decent damage and is pretty tough as well, which makes him a deadly foe. But hey, you are Batman, nothing can stand in your way!

Once you get there, try landing on the roof of the building so that the Robot won't be able to catch you. Again, it is a very good idea to use the Voice Synthesizer in order to make the robot to go on one of the pressure plates there. When you are ready, go down and find the other pressure plate which will basically release the Riddler Trophy for you.  Of course, once the robot sees you, he will try to attack, which is why you need to use a Smoke Pellet if you want to survive. After this, just pop your Batclaw and grab the trophy.  It is definitely not a walk in the park but if you follow the tips here, doing it is just a matter of time.

The exact coordinates - 2369, 1435

Riddler Trophy 17

Last, but definitely not least, this Riddler Trophy is one of the easiest to get in the game. It is just pretty cool looking. 

In order to obtain it, you need to go to a ruined building which is located exactly at those coordinates - 2516,1403. Once you go there, be careful because there could be some enemies which will be waiting for you. They are not so hard to deal with but their number is a little bit intimidating so keep it in mind. 

Once you're done, go on a set of stairs and you will see the trophy there for you to take it. Oh, there might be a causal robot there as well but don't worry, he is absolutely harmless.


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