Basement is a drug-dealing strategy game

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In Basement, you play as a great scientist that has to do not-exactly-legal stuff underground

Basement, is a game that’s coming to Windows, Mac & Linux. It features a blend of facility management and real time strategy mechanics that creates a unique experience quite unlike other games in its genre.


In Basement, you play as a great scientist that has to do not-exactly-legal stuff underground, as nobody wants to support his idea. Basement is all about management. You build your own enterprise producing and researching drugs. Find the right place, build production rooms, hire workers and security staff, avoid federal agents and raise the most effective company.


Gameplay overview

Producing and selling ‘drugs’ is the core gameplay. At the beginning of each level, you have access to a few production rooms - each producing a single type of ‘drug’. You organize raw materials, assign scientists to the proper rooms, and finally create specific drugs, which you need to sell to particular customers.

To keep your business running, you should hire workers and pay them their salary. If you don't pay them weekly, production will go down, and then you even may be sabotaged or completely lose all employees.

With the rise of your enterprise, federal agents become interested in you. They'll start with rare inspections.

Depending on your rough behaviour, inspections may become more frequent and severe; DEA, FBI, and something much more dangerous will come knocking at your door...

You need to find the right balance and develop an optimal strategy to grow and flourish your dusky business. You can research new ‘still legal’ drugs, or escalate manufacturing powers. You can bother with security, hiring guards and building traps in your basement. You can even hide your basement behind a bar or any other legal establishment. Each cover has its advantages.

Even if you have an ideal production line, where everything is well secured, you won't be able to relax. The world is ever changing and unpredictable. You may come up short with a supply, or an accidental market change can make your product unwanted; any production room can burst into flames! What else can happen? No one knows!

Sometimes you need to do something pleasant for yourself. Why not gather a large collection of luxury cars? Completing VIP customers’ requests will grant you them.

And most importantly, you should understand that you're in illegal activities - sooner or later, you'll be jailed. Get ready.


We created this concept during the Ludum Dare 29 game jam, just this past spring. The main theme of the competition was “Beneath The Surface”. Basement seemed like a great idea. There was a whole city above the surface, with shops, cafés, and churches. Everything is fine and dandy there, above ground. Everything underground is the opposite. There are criminals and dangerous situations. We’ve integrated this idea into a game.

The playable prototype was created in two days during the contest. It is great to know that it is still being played around the world. As a result, we also came 11th place out of more than 2500 projects overall, and got lots of requests to finish this game. So, we are seriously going to do this!

Basement’s atmosphere is very dark – we needed a soundtrack that perfectly emphasizes and represents the ‘pharmaceutical underworld’. We were fortunate enough to team up with The Otherworld Agency, who brought in Matt Mclean to compose the original soundtrack.

Matt Mclean (A.K.A. feeding | ear) is an award-winning composer and producer from Australia, whose music has been praised internationally. Matt’s dark, complex electronic style has been widely regarded as infectious and aurally mesmerizing – perfect for Basement.


The requirements are all subject to change. We're doing our best to accommodate as many machines as possible, but with our currently limited testing we're unsure of what the final requirements will be.

OS: Windows (XP/Vista/7), MacOS, or Linux
Processor: 2GHz Core 2 Duo
Memory: 512 MB
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 Support, 256 MB (dedicated card preferred)
Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720

The core team was founded in 2013 by former Nival employees. When we started Halfbus, we set a goal - make games as we see them, not paying attention to current market trends. If we weren’t 100% interested by a project or passionate about it, then we wouldn’t develop it.


Project supporter. You'll receive a postcard designed and signed by developers! Also you’ll get access to our closed forum thread for backers only.

DRM-free copy of the game for PC, Mac and Linux, at a lower price available only through this Kickstarter, including game Steam key if it beats Greenlight! Previous reward is included.

Get reward above plus cool stickers with game characters.

Get reward above plus a game soundtrack from Matt Mclean!

Get reward above plus a big Basement poster for your room and access to a closed beta where you can play development versions and help us improve the game.

Get reward above plus. Plus four copies of the game for you and your friends.

For the most creative bakers! We'll collaborate with you to create a new game event that can happen to characters. This could be a new sort of incident in the production, a different style of raid, or a trader offering a strange bargain. Or, whatever else you can think of!

We are launching this kickstarter company with one main reason - to give you more ‘deep’ gameplay. We have many interesting things to realize: creating ‘research graphs’ and the city map; developing character and room upgrades, etc. There will be much more than what you see in the trailer. We specifically left blank space in the overall design, so that we can work with you - our players. All our backers will get access to a closed Forum thread, with an ability to vote for features and suggest new ones!

All of this won’t be possible without your help.


Also, you may be wondering, “Why do you need our money?” When we quit our jobs last year, we intended to work on a small project for a few months. During development, we received such overwhelmingly positive feedback that we changed our plans. We decided to pursue developing Basement into a finished quality game. However, releasing a game requires money, and our funds are starting to drain. Your generous pledges will go towards:

Sounds and Music: The biggest, and most important expense – A professional musician who helps to bring life and atmosphere to the game. The sounds, music, and ambiance must be perfect! Matt Mclean and The Otherworld Agency bring their talent and expertise to Basement and really bring the game to life.

Software licenses: Unity Pro and some plugins that we want to use.
Business Costs: there are basic costs for setting up a company.
In addition, there are some fees for Kickstarter and Amazon, and part of the money will be spent on producing the backer rewards.


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