Ballin' on a budget: Top five SSG 08 skins for $15 or less

Mar 24 2020 4 min read

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Want to hit insane flicks in style without breaking the bank? Look no further! We are about to get your SSG 08/Scout decked out for $15 or less! You may not hit insane shots like s1mple, but we can at least make you look as good as him. Okay, maybe not, but we are at least going to give it a shot.

Getting a skin for your SSG 08 is a wise investment, especially if you prefer to be the main sniper for your team. The SSG 08 in the right hands in early rounds or ecos will prove useful for your squad, assuming you don't whiff every shot. The SSG 08 can be used on both CT and side, giving even more value for your money or cases.

Number five

Number five on today's list is one that will pair very well with previous Ballin' on a budget skins, the Ghost Crusader. The Ghost Crusader SSG 08 has a futuristic design to it and is a mostly white skin with a greyish blue along the barrel, grip, and stock. The reason I stated that this skin pairs well with other ones on previous Ballin' on a budget skins is due to its futuristic design. This skin goes great with the FAMAS Mecha Industries, AUG Syd Mead, SG 553 Cyrex, M4A1-S Mecha Industriesand the AK-47 Orbit Mk01. All these skins listed are skins you can get for $15 or less. The Ghost Crusader SSG 08 will only set you back about $2, or you can get a StatTrak for around $4. You can also pull it from a Chroma 3 Case.


Number four

Coming in fourth place on today's top five is the Big Iron. The Big Iron SSG 08 is yet another futuristic skin, but this one is primarily yellow with hints of orange and black. The Big Iron also pairs well with all the others we previously listed under the Ghost Crusader. So, if you are going for a futuristic loadout, this is another option for you. The Big Iron SSG 08 will have you swinging for the skies for about $4, or a StatTrak will run you about $10. The Big Iron can also be opened from a Shadow Case.


Number three

Getting the bronze for today's top five is the Death's Head. The Death's Head SSG 08 is an animal print skin that imitates that of a Death's Head butterfly. The colors are primarily different shades of brown with some black and gray thrown in there. This skin will pair extremely well with the Tiger Moth SG 553, which is another skin you can get for $15 or less. The Death's Head can be all yours for about $3, or a StatTrak will run you about $6. The Death's Head can also be opened from an Operation Hydra Case.


Number two

Getting runner-up for SSG 08s is the Bloodshot. The Bloodshot SSG 08 sports a heinous, green monster on the body of the rifle. The monster has one eye that is on the pullback, or bolt-action, of the rifle. The Bloodshot will pair well with other monster type skins like the M4A1-S Hyper Beast, which you can get for $15 or less too. The Bloodshot SSG 08 will place a monster in your hands for about $4, or you can get a StatTrak for around $9. The Bloodshot can also be obtained from a Shattered Web Case.


Number one

Getting the gold medal for today's top five is the Dragonfire. The Dragonfire SSG 08 sports a majestic blue dragon with fire glowing eyes that is breathing fire from its nose. This is another skin that will pair well with other monster or creature-based skins like the Bloodshot does. The Dragonfire SSG 08 will have you turning your foes to ash for about $12, and best of luck trying to get a StatTrak for less than $15. The Dragonfire can get pulled out of a Glove Case.


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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