Ballin' on a budget: Top five SG 553/Krieg skins for $15 or less

Feb 29 2020 4 min read
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Want to frag out in style but don't want to break the bank? No worries! We can get you looking good on the T side for $15 or less. Today's top five focuses on the controversial, but extremely deadly, SG 553/Krieg. The SG is arguably the best weapon in the game currently, to many CS players despair. But, it's power makes using it a necessity if you want to climb in your match-making or ESEA/FPL matches. So, let's get you CoD-gunning in-style without having to steal too many pennies from your piggy bank. Due to the weapons newness in the CS:GO meta, skins are pretty cheap for the SG, with the most expensive being the SG 553 Integrale at about $60 if you're okay with a Battle-Scarred.


Number five

Today's number five is the SG 553 Phantom. The SG 553 Phantom sports a futuristic style design and a mostly grey color scheme with orange and white accents. The Phantom is a trendy choice on the SG 553, and it's pretty cheap too. The SG 553 Phantom can be all yours for about $1, or you can get a StatTrak for about $8. You can also try to obtain the Phantom from a Spectrum 2 Case


Number four

Earning the fourth spot in today's top five is the SG 553 Pulse. The SG 553 Pulse is a sleek black-bodied rifle with triangular patterns that vary in purple and pink colors. The Pulse can be a very diverse skin when compared to other Pulses due to multiple patterns existing for the rifle. The SG 553 Pulse will put a stop your enemies pulses for about $3, or about $6 for a StatTrak. The Pulse can also be obtained from the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case


Number three

Earning the bronze medal for the SG 553 is the SG 553 Tiger Moth. The SG 553 Tiger Moth replicates the pattern found on an actual tiger moth, which has an orange, black, and brown color palette. The handle of the weapon even sports a moth logo to pay respects to the skin's inspiration. The Tiger Moth design can only be found on the SG 553 currently. The SG 553 Tiger Moth will have you chewing holes through your enemies for about $5, or a StatTrak will run you about $10. The Tiger Moth can also be opened from a Revolver Case


Number two

Taking home the silver medal today is the SG 553 Cyrex. The SG 553 Cyrex sports a futuristic design with a black base, and red and white patterns on the weapon, while the scope is a brownish color. A major pain point for me on this skin is the scope being a very different color than the rest of the skin. Some may find that appealing, but it's a bit off-putting for me, which is why it isn't number one. Even the SCAR-20 Cyrex has a scope that matches the rest of the weapon, so I'm not sure why it's different on the SG 553. The SG 553 Cyrex will have you ready for the future for about $7, or you may be able to get a StatTrak for right at $15. The SG 553 Cyrex can also be obtained from a Falchion Case


Number one

Taking home the gold medal in today's top five is the SG 553 Colony IV. The SG 553 Colony IV has yellow and orange flame-type patterns with a spider skeleton atop CT gas masks, and a grayish-blue smoke type pattern going up the barrel of the gun. The Colony IV design can only be found on the SG 553. This skin takes the top spot for me due to its character and intricate design. It also foreshadows the fate of the CTs when this deadly weapon makes its way onto the map. The SG 553 Colony IV will have the CT bodies piling up for about $7, or you can get a StatTrak for about $11. The SG 553 Colony IV can be opened from the new Shattered Web cases


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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