Ballin' on a budget: Top five PP-Bizon skins for $15 or less

Apr 27 2020 4 min read

Ballin' on a budget: Top five PP-Bizon skins for $15 or less ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Want to frag out in style but don't want to break the bank? No worries! We can get you looking good on both CT and side for $15 or less.

The PP-Bizon doesn't see much use in CS:GO, but the most recent patch may change that for some players. We saw Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg pull it out in Road to Rio the other day, which gives me a small bit of hope for the gun. The PP-Bizon doesn't do a ton of damage but has a massive 64 round drum magazine, letting you spray for days. On a positive note, since the PP-Bizon doesn't see much play currently, you can easily get the best skins the gun has to offer for $15 or less.

Number five

Coming in at number five is the PP-Bizon Antique. The PP-Bizon Antique sports an unpainted body with hints of rust and gold trimming along with a wood grain drum magazine and grip. The Antique design can also be found on the Nova shotgun. The PP-Bizon Antique will only set you back about $2, or a StatTrak will run you about $4. The PP-Bizon Antique can also be pulled out of a Huntsman Weapon Case.


Number four

Getting fourth place for PP-Bizons is the Embargo. The PP-Bizon Embargo is primarily a rusty turquoise color with random junkyard type designs and a red drum magazine. The Embargo is much like the antique; only instead of it appearing as something prized and collected, its got more of a Borderlands feel to it. The PP-Bizon Embargo will pair exceptionally well with the AK-47 Junkrat, which can also be obtained for $15 or less. The PP-Bizon Embargo is another super cheap option at about $1, or a StatTrak is about $2. The PP-Bizon Embargo can be obtained with some luck out of a Shattered Web Case.


Number three

Earning the bronze medal for today's top five is the PP-Bizon Osiris. The PP-Bizon Osiris is a mostly black, futuristic skin with white on the barrel and stock and yellow on the magazine and other parts of the weapon. The Osiris is a design that can only be found on the PP-Bizon, though one of the new operators is called Osiris. The Osiris will pair well with other futuristic skins like the M4A1-S Mecha Industries or the Desert Eagle Directive, both of which can be obtained for $15 or less. The PP-Bizon Osiris is another super cheap one at about $1, or a StatTrak runs for about $2. The PP-Bizon Osiris can also be pulled out of an Operation Breakout Weapon Case.


Number two

Taking home the silver medal for PP-Bizons is the High Roller. The PP-Bizon High Roller sports a mostly red skin with playing cards and dice throughout the body, a poker chip design on the drum magazine, and black woodgrain on the grip and stock. The High Roller is a super cool skin and one that pops in the server. I really love the skins aesthetic and how well made the skin is from name to design. The PP-Bizon High Roller is still a pretty cheap skin at about $3, while the StatTrak is about $6. The PP-Bizon High Roller can be opened from a Spectrum 2 Case.


Number one

Taking home the trophy for today's list is the PP-Bizon Judgement of Anubis. The Judgement of Anubis is mostly greyish-blue with gold trim and some red accents along with the head of Anubis. The PP-Bizon Judgement of Anubis might be one of my favorite skins in CS:GO. The PP-Bizon may not see a lot of play, but with this skin equipped, I am always tempted to take it out and show it off. The PP-Bizon Judgement of Anubis will run you about $6, while the StatTrak will be at the top of the $15 budget. You can also try your luck and try to pull it form a Chroma 3 Case.


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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