Ballin' on a budget: Top five MP9 skins for $15 or less

Apr 20 2020 3 min read

Ballin' on a budget: Top five MP9 skins for $15 or less ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Want to frag out in style but don't want to break the bank? No worries! We can get you looking good on the CT side for $15 or less. The MP9 is a popular pick for eco rounds in CS:GO due to it being the cheapest SMG on the CT side. The MP9 houses a quick fire rate but moderately low damage. Despite this, it is still a big improvement over the USP-S to defend a bomb site. Let's dive in so we can get you ecoing in style.

Number five

Getting fifth for MP9s is the Hypnotic. The MP9 Hypnotic is a white gun with black "hypno" rings throughout the weapon. The Hypnotic design can be found on the MP9 and Desert Eagle, and also pair well with other white-based skins. The MP9 Hypnotic will run you about $7, while a StatTrak will run you about $12. The MP9 Hypnotic can also be pulled from a CS:GO Weapon Case 2.


Number four

Coming in at fourth place for today's top five is the MP9 Rose Iron. The MP9 Rose Iron sports an unpainted weapon with a red rose and bright orange vines extending throughout the weapon. The Rose Iron design can only be found on the MP9, but it pairs well with other floral based skins like the Five-SeveN Nightshade or the UMP-45 Metal Flowers, which can all be obtained for $15 or less. The MP9 Rose Iron will set you back about $7, and the StatTrak will run you about $11. The MP9 Rose Iron can also be pulled out of a Winter Offensive Weapon Case.


Number three

Earning the bronze medal for MP9s is the Ruby Poison Dart. The MP9 Ruby Poison Dart sports an unpainted body with orange and purple designs that mimic that of a poisonous tree frog. The MP9 Ruby Poison Dart will pair well with other animal/monster type skins like the SSG 553 Tiger Moth or the AUG Chameleon, which can both be obtained for $15 or less. The MP9 Ruby Poison Dart is a pretty cheap skin at about $1, and a StatTrak is only about $3. The MP9 Ruby Poison Dart can also be pulled from a Falchion Case.


Number two

The runnerup for today's top five is the MP9 Airlock. The MP9 Airlock is a mostly white skin with a futuristic design and bright red magazine. The MP9 Airlock pairs extremely well with the M4A1-S Mecha Industries, which can also be picked up for $15 or less. The MP9 Airlock is a cheap one at about $3, and a StatTrak is only about $5. The MP9 Airlock can also be pulled from a Gamma 2 Case.


Number one

Coming in at the number one spot for today's top five is the MP9 Hydra. The MP9 Hydra sports a black and lime green color scheme with four striking hydras on the body. The MP9 Hydra, much like the Ruby Poison Dart, will pair well with other animal type skins. There are also many types of Hydra Gloves, but Gloves in CS:GO are quite pricey. The MP9 Hydra can be all yours for about $5, or a StatTrak will run you about $10. The MP9 Hydra can also be obtained from a CS20 Case.


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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