Ballin' on a budget: Top five MP5-SD skins for $15 or less

Apr 15 2020 3 min read
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Want to frag out in style but don't want to break the bank? No worries! We can get you looking good on the CT side for $15 or less. The MP5-SD is a popular pick for eco rounds in CS:GO. It isn't the cheapest next to the MP9, but it allows the CTs to defend a bomb site from the Ts and houses a quick fire rate, and is a big improvement over the MP9. Its low price, but high damage output makes it a perfect pick up when you or your team's economy is less than ideal, but you need something more than a USP-S to defend a bomb site. Let's dive in so we can get you ecoing in style.

Number five

Coming in at fifth place for the MP5-SD is the Acid Wash. The MP5-SD Acid Wash is a greyish-blue and brown skin with a splatter type design. The aesthetic is that the splatter is acid that has eaten away at the base color, resulting in that bronzey type color you see. The MP5-SD Acid Wash happens to be the MP5-SD skin I use, as I pulled a StatTrak not too long ago. The MP5-SD Acid Wash will only run you about $0.20, or a StatTrak will run you about $1. The MP5-SD Acid Wash can also be pulled from a Shattered Web Case.


Number four

Earning the number four spot for today's top five is the MP5-SD Desert Strike. The MP5-SD Desert Strike sports a khaki and charcoal color scheme with different labelings on the magazine, barrel, and trigger area. The MP5-SD Desert Strike fits its name so well, and the CT side, while also being a pretty cool looking skin. The MP5-SD Desert Strike can be yours for about $0.25, or a StatTrak will run you about $1. The MP5-SD Desert Strike can be pulled out of the newest CS:GO case, the Prisma 2.


Number three

Taking the bronze medal for MP5-SD is the Gauss. The MP5-SD Gauss replicates a Gauss cannon in design with stamped steel. The magazine, grip, and buttstock are a dark brown color, while the rest of the weapon is a charcoal type color. The Gauss design could pair well with other futuristic type skins, in which a number can be obtained for $15 or less. The MP5-SD Gauss can be all yours for about $0.50, and a StatTrak will run you about $1. The MP5-SD Gauss can also be pulled from a Prisma Case.


Number two

Getting second place for today's top five is the MP5-SD Agent. The MP5-SD Agent captures the CT side aesthetic perfectly with a navy blue body, unpainted attachments, and a yellow trim with the FBI and CT symbol towards the stock of the weapon. The MP5-SD Agent, even more so than the Desert Strike, embodies the CT aesthetic and is a must-have if you use the FBI SWAT Operator. The MP5-SD Agent will only set you back about $1, while a StatTrak will run you about $2. The MP5-SD Agent can also be pulled out of a CS20 Case.


Number one

Taking home the trophy for the MP5-SD is the Phosphor. The MP5-SD Phosphor is a primarily blue bodied skin with turquoise, green, and pink neon paint poured over the top. The MP5-SD Phospor will pair well with other neon type skins like the AWP Fever Dream, which can also be obtained for $15 or less. The MP5-SD Phosphor will set you back about $4, and a StatTrak runs about $7. The MP5-SD Phosphor can also be pulled out of a Danger Zone Case.


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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