Ballin' on a budget: Top five M4A4 skins for $15 or less

Feb 06 2020 3 min read
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Want to frag out in style but don't want to break the bank? No worries! We can get you looking good on CT side for $15 or less. The M4A4 seems to be the current meta rifle in CS:GO, which makes blinging it out important. If you use the M4A1-S, don't worry, we will help get you looking good with that weapon in a future Ballin' on a budget. But, for today, let's get that M4A4 looking crispy.

Number five

Take to the skies with the M4A4 Griffin. This M4A4 skin sports a beautiful Griffin with a teal background on the clip and feathers that blow in the wind up the stock and barrel. The Griffin isn't an extraordinarily flashy or neon skin, but you will look good slaying out with this beautiful beast by your side. You can get an M4A4 Griffin Factory New for around $10


Number four

Ever wondered how the inside of your killing machine looks? Wonder no more! The M4A4 X-Ray sports a white and clear color scheme that replicates the inner workings of the rifle. The X-Ray skin reminds me of the clear N64 controllers I played with as a kid. Who wants a full-color shell when you can see the guts of your controller, right? The X-Ray will only set you back about $13 for a Minimal Wear


Number three

Ready to make it rain on them... well, you know the rest. The M4A4 Bullet Rain will help you achieve all the drip and rain you can handle. This gun sports a bright red stock and cover panel with a smoky, tealish colored cloud raining red bullets. There is even a bug-eyed monster on the stock as well. This M4A4 skin will make you the talk of all your Silver lobbies. The Bullet Rain will make you the Rain Man for about $13, depending on the condition. Fun fact, the Battle-Scarred version of this skin is more expensive than the Factory New


Number two

Getting the silver medal in today's top five is the eerie M4A4 Desolate Space. This skin has a teal on purple color scheme with different planets and stars in the background and a skeleton astronaut wrapped in tentacles front and center on the body. Please don't comment on my trend of picking teal-colored skins unless you want to end up like our lucky astronaut here. The Desolate Space will get you looking in the mirror for about $14, depending on the condition. 


Number one

If you commented on my tendency to pick teal-colored skins back on our number two skin, you'd be happy to know that our number one isn't teal. The M4A4 龍王 (Dragon King) is a beautiful skin depicting a Chinese dragon staring down the barrel of the weapon. This skin is wicked looking and features a very diverse color palette when compared to other M4A4 skins, even the expensive ones. This skin is no Howl, but it is considerably cheaper. The 龍王 (Dragon King) will have you ready to breathe fire for about $14 for a Well-Worn


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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