Ballin' on a budget: Top five AUG skins for $15 or less

Mar 04 2020 3 min read
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Want to frag out in style but don't want to break the bank? No worries! We can get you looking good on the CT side for $15 or less. The AUG is a weapon that saw a massive surge in competitive CS:GO in 2019, but has since been nerfed a bit. Even after the nerf, it remains a viable weapon on the CT side, so we want to make sure when you do decide to use it, you look good while doing it.

Number five

Fifth place on today's list is the AUG Arctic Wolf. The AUG Arctic Wolf sports the fur of an arctic wolf over the entire gun with different shades of grey and dark blue scratches on the stock. It also has a deep red clip and accents while the scope remains unpainted. The Arctic Wolf design can also be found on the UMP-45. The AUG Arctic Wolf will have you looking vicious for about $2, and a StatTrak will only run you about $4. The AUG Arctic Wolf can also be opened from a Shattered Web Case.


Number four

Number four on our AUG list is the Syd Mead. The AUG Syd Mead is a futuristic skin with a red and black body and a hint of yellow outlining. The AUG Syd Mead will pair very well with the AK-47 Mk01 or the SG 553 Cyrex, both of which you can obtain for $15 or less. The AUG Syd Mead will send you back to the future for about $3, or you can grab a StatTrak for about $8. The AUG Syd Mead can also be opened from a Gamma 2 Case.


Number three

The third skin on today's list is one that's design can only be found on the AUG, the Stymphalian. The AUG Stymphalian is a very intricate skin and sports Greek figures and ornaments with a gold and brown color scheme. The AUG Stymphalian might be one of the most intricate skins in all of CS:GO, which makes having it in the server all the more enjoyable. The AUG Stymphalian will have you striking down foes like Zeus for about $3, and a StatTrak will only run you about $5. The AUG Stymphalian can also be pulled from a Clutch Case.


Number two

Getting the silver medal on today's top five is the AUG Chameleon. The AUG Chameleon is much like the Stymphalian in that the design can only be found on the AUG. The rifle sports a black body with green scales and has a giant chameleon on the stock of the weapon grubbing out on some flies. The AUG Chameleon may not make you blend in with the environment, but it sure will have you swatting flies in the server. The AUG Chameleon can be yours for about $6, or you can get a StatTrak for right at $13. The AUG Chameleon can also be obtained from an Operation Phoenix Weapon Case.


Number one

Numero uno on today's top five is the AUG Momentum. The AUG Momentum has an eye-popping light turquoise and pink color scheme with arrows on the stock pointing forwards. The Momentum pattern can also be found on the UMP-45 if you have a desire to pair the two. The arrows on the Momentum are a constant reminder to keep your eyes down the barrel to find your next victim. The AUG Momentum will have you holding W for about $8 for a Minimal Wear, which is my recommended quality minimum due to a large scratch on the barrel for any lesser condition. A lower condition StatTrak can be found for about $8 too. The AUG Momentum can be opened from a Prisma Case.


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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