Ballin' on a budget: Top five AK skins for $15 or less

Jan 29 2020 2 min read

Ballin on a budget: Top five AK skins for $15 or less ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Want to frag out in style but don't want to break the bank? No worries! We can get you looking good on the Terrorist side for $15 or less. The AK-47 is the most used Terrorist rifle by a long shot. So, getting a skin for it should let you see it very often. The worst feeling is opening a case and getting a skin on a weapon you won't see much, which is why we are working on the AK today.

Number five

Coming in at fifth place is the Blue Laminate. This skin will only set you back about $8 for a Factory New. It's nothing eye-popping or super spectacular, but it's still much cooler looking than the default or Industrial Grade rifles. 


Number four

Fourth place is a skin you may have seen a lot at release. The Elite Build was a very oversaturated skin when it first came out, but now there seem to be fewer players using them. The black/gray color palette with gold trim makes this skin look beautiful in your hands and when fragging out in Deathmatch. The Elite Build still carries the price of an oversaturated skin at about $3


Number three

Coming in at number three is the Rat Rod. This junky looking skin reminds me of Fallout or Borderlands in some ways. It's not neon or super pretty to look at, but it's got some character. The Rat Rod will cost you about $5, depending on the condition 


Number two

Getting the silver in today's top five is the Orbit Mk01. This skin gives me a futuristic, Mass Effect type fill, and I am a sucker for red skins. Most importantly, though, the 01 on the gun will always remind you where you should be on the scoreboard. The Orbit Mk01 will set you back about $11, depending on the condition. 


Number one

Like I said on the Orbit Mk01, I am a sucker for red skins. The number one budget AK skin for our list is the Redline. The carbon fiber looking build of the weapon with red accents on the trigger, stock, and clip makes this thing a beauty to inspect. Best of all, it'll only cost you about $14 for a Field-Tested or Well-Worn. 


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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