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Dear friends, due to the fact that for the recent time Internet is full of template betting shops (BS), which accept bets on e-sports events, we decided to warn you and advice to be more attentive while betting.

Dear friends, due to the fact that for the recent time Internet is full of template betting shops (BS), which accept bets on e-sports events, we decided to warn you and advice to be more attentive while betting. As many of you already know, recently (which was opened on the popular site dedicated to DOTA2 - was closed. There were several reasons for its closing, but the main reason was fraud committed by people providing the site basis for BS for ProDota (more detailed information concerning the closure you can find here. In fact, it was the same betting shop as betfrag. They even had the same customers’ database.

In light of these events, strongly recommends you to be very careful in choosing sites for betting. Since then you can’t be sure about getting your money back.


Below we give a couple of examples showing the features of unreliable sites offering BS services.

1) As we say, "fine dress helps to impress" – it is also true for websites. New clones of BS are appearing with an increasing frequency (for example,, hand-rolled quickly from the template or “open source” platforms, which are sold in Internet (sometimes they are even on open access). These sites can be determined easily. All of them have a very simple design (often 2-3 colors), the same navigation menus, graphics, etc. If you see this, it’s a serious reason to think about whether to give them your hard earned money or not. Because usage of Free platforms means that the organization has no material, no technical base for the project. Any design, even the most simple, but showing signs of individuality, costs money (and we are not talking about $ 50), besides this, it is very difficult to adjust it to a ready-made site basis. From this you can understand that a company, which is trying to save money on its project, instead of developing and making this project profitable, can’t guarantee the performance of its obligations to the user, especially financial.


2) In case the abovementioned clause is not about the site, you are going to bet on, do not hurry to rejoice. It doesn’t mean that the site is trustworthy. Check the history of the site (elementary google reviews about it). Often there could be cases where betting shops have been working on the market for a long time, but due to the financial crises, problems with the staff or legal framework, they lose their reputation. This results into problems with payments of large winnings, decisions of controversial points in favor of user, etc. Besides, you never know when a such kind of "mammoth" may die, and then you can easily lose your money.


3) Not unimportant point is the financial history of BS. As you know, Internet is a place where nobody is responsible for his/her words or actions, because it’s very difficult to find a person offended your mother, but in reality the user can be found, and big financial internet monsters dealing with the acceptance of electronic payments use this as the basis. Every person, while connecting to their services of payment acceptance, gives all personal information starting from the full name and ending with an identification code and registration data. Some of these data are freely available on their sites, often it’s not the confidential information: ID of wallet (or account number for money transfers), financial history having all the notes on violations or complaints against the user (for example, Webmoney). Knowing this and before giving money, check the recipient's wallet or its account on the site where it was registered. In view of the fact that Internet is huge, there is a high probability that someone has already faced the same problem and has made ​​a complaint. The second positive moment is “google”, which also can help you to find all the projects connected with the mentioned account, and therefore, to tell you about the trustworthiness of the site.

Of course, complying with these clauses does not secure you for 100% from the risk to lose your money or have any problems, but we are sure that these advices will significantly reduce your risks.

In its turn, we recommend you to use our betting system - WePlay Bets. WePlay Limited guarantees the fulfillment of all financial obligations, since betting shop is only a small part of it, which allows to cover all payments to users due to other financially strong mechanisms, if necessary.

In addition, WePlay Bets is not aimed at financial gain as a main purpose, unlike other commercial projects of betting shops. Firstly, we are aimed for provision of opportunities for our users to enjoy staying and spending time with us, as well as opportunities not only to earn money, but also to get gaming devices by using knowledge about favorite games. Our system of Virtual Points rewards is an illustrative example of the abovementioned (detailed information on WP you can find here).

We hope our article will be at least a little bit helpful for you.

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