Atlus reveal more Persona 5 Royal details

Jun 14 2019 2 min read
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In Morgana Report #2, Persona 5's adorable mascot reveals more details about the new character Kasumi and some additions to gameplay that will make dungeon crawling even more exciting than in the original. 

The red head represents the "La Foi" tarot card which means "faith" in French. This could have something to do with the fact that Morgana says "Kasumi could be an enemy and ally." Her persona's name is Cendrillon and she uses a combination of "physical" and "bless" skills in battle. 

In past videos we've seen she has some sort of connection with Akechi Goro, so it comes as no surprise that he will be getting new elements in the game. 

As for dungeon crawling additions, a stronger new Kyoma enemy will be added with the ability to counterattack player's, even when hit by multi- target attacks. They're designed to be more difficult but on defeating them, players will receive very rare loot. 

The protagonist's shiny grappling hook can be used to avoid traps, reach new areas and ambush enemies from a distance.  Apparently, its use will be tied to your relationship with Kasumi as a confidant. 

Regarding guns, they will be getting a deeper customization system, allowing players to fashion bullets that inflict status effects and debuffs instead of just elemental and physical damage. In the original game, players could not replenish their bullets until they left the dungeon but this is also being changed. Now bullets will be restocked at the end of battles. 

A special type of loot has been added, called "volition treasures." These are actually one treasure item that has been split into multiple parts and scattered across a dungeon. If players find all pieces, then they all unite to form a unique accessory that provides the equipped character with a powerful ability they would otherwise be unable to obtain. 

It wouldn't be a modern Persona game without new costumes, so each party member will be getting new casual clothes. Last but not least, there will be a sort of gallery mode where players can do things like watch unlocked cutscenes. Persona 4 Golden had something very similar. 

So that's it. Hopefully all this new information has you as excited as I am to restart the adventure. Persona 5 Royal will come to the West on October 31, 2020.

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