Atlas MMO Ultimate Beginner Guide

Jan 13 2019 8 min read

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Atlas is a thematic open world ММО — pirates, ships, powder guns, seagulls, rum, treasures, and craft. Besides, it has a role-playing system and player's progress. Everyone can build their own ship and hire a crew. We are pleased to announce a special guide series to help you get acquainted with the Atlas MMO — hints, tips, crafting advice, building a boat at a lot more! 


The world of Atlas is a huge territory full of opportunities, adventures, places to conquer, friendship, betrayals, gains and losses — and of course great battles. Here you can manage a big trading network (and disturb others with it), defeat enemies and reveal their secrets to rule a huge empire. Atlas is quite a tough game for the beginners — but with time played comes experience, money, and newbies, who you can battle. This beginner's guide will help you! 


People are sowing what the mother Earth gave them for more than 40 thousand years. So, at the start we need resourses, as always. Having spawned, leave the city and begin looking for some useful stuff around it, take everything that lays on the ground. Get some Plant Fibres — easitрежде всего плохо лежат растительные волокна (кусты), древесина и камни. Обрати внимание, что удары по деревьям и камням повредят твоему здоровью, поэтому лучше как можно быстрее изготовить топор и кирку.

Руководство по игре для новичков Atlas MMO Советы Стратегии и учебные пособия


Open your inventory with the 'i' button. And the first thing you need to craft is — hold your jokes — Stone Pick. Go and get a new level — the easiest way is to kill some animals by the beach, but don't mess with the birds in case you have no weapons. If you want to gain EXP points in a more peaceful and time-wasting way, you can proceed harvesting resources. After a level-up, open the skill tree and put a point into The Basics skill — it allows you to craft tools essential for your survival. Then make a Stone Hatchet and complete Cloth Armor set. These clothes keep your temperature up a little bit, but our next step is crafting a torch and a campfire, so your character can get warm, cook meat and have a better sight at night. 

Atlas MMO Game Ultimate Beginner Guide Tips Tricks Strategies And Tutorials

Important crafting recipes

  • Stone Pick – 2 Fibers, 6 Stone, 6 Wood
  • Stone Hatchet – 15 Fibers, 3 Flint, 1 Stone and 3 Wood
  • Spear – 14 Fibers, 3 Flint, 12 Wood

Take note that these items have durability. You will need to fix your tools through a special option in your inventory — just click RMB on the tool and repair it, or craft new ones, if you want. It is obvious enough that repairing costs fewer resources. Spears are keen on breaking quickly (after killing one enemy), so make sure they are always in best conditions. 

Basic materials

  • Wood drops when punching a tree with your hands or a tool (pick and hatchet — but with a hatchet, you make more resources). Wood is used in a large number of recipes, so make sure that you always have a lot of it. 
  • Thatch drops from trees by using pick or hatchet. 
  • Stone can be collected by attacking the stones with your bare hands or with a pick/hatchet. Use pick to gain more stone. Stone is also a very necessary resource, so always keep it in the bag. 
  • Flint can be gathered from rocks only by using a tool.
  • Coal drops from rocks but only by harvesting it with a stone pick.
  • Meat can be collected from animals, make sure you have a lot to keep your Protein vitamins up.
  • Hide is an important one — drops from animals, useful at crafting gear and items, even for some buildings. 
  • Fruits help your vitamins level, but there's no matter which ones to eat. 
  • Fish swims at sea (yep). Kill it, bring it to the surface, harvest with a tool. It's a bit hard to grind fish meat because sharks like humans as humans like fish. 


Atlas has a kind of ambiguous Character Health system. A lot of basic parameters to keep in mind and you can't become satiated by eating a lot of food of the same type.

Vitamins are divided into four types: fruits (orange bar), vegetables (light-green bar), fish (blue bar) and protein (purple bar). 

You can not eat lots of food of one type. If you overflow any strip — you can get sick and start taking damage. Fruits drop from trees and bushes, vegetables — from tiny plants (like rice, which is most common), proteins — from island animals, fish — from fish (yep). 

Atlas MMO Game Ultimate Руководство для начинающих Советы Стратегии и учебные пособия Здоровье

  • Load indicates maximum weight you are able to carry.
  • Hydration is very important, and water is a resource troublesome to find at the start. When in need — dig in moist dirt with your hands or a shovel, or just go and drink from a FRESHWATER lake.
  • Hungriness, well, is quite an obvious parameter — when the bar drops to 0, you start losing HP. Lifehack — eat food to avoid Hungriness. 
  • Stamina tells you about the energy you have to do actions like jumping, running, fighting and etc.
  • Health Points — dropping to zero means death. Be careful.

Also, you can take damage from external environment. For example, when you dive — you start losing oxygen, which will eventually lead to losing HP and death. Sunburn occurs when staying too long in the sun — just sneak into the shade and stop taking damage.


Well, this one is the most important part of the game. Skill Tree grants you abilities and skills vital for surviving. Besides, some of them, special ones, will allow you to upgrade swords and shields, guns, ships, craft meals, recipes, ammo and a lot more. 

MMO-игра Atlas Ultimate Руководство для начинающих Советы Стратегии и учебные пособия Навыки

It is better to start your pirate life by placing points into the Survivability tab — The Basics, Tools of the Trade and Construction. These will provide you with important recipes at the start of the game.  

Next, concetrate on upgrading tools and archery (or hand-to-hand combat — it is all up to your playing style). If you have enough points — grab the Water Keeper and Basic Water Swimming skills. 

NB! At any time you can reset your skill points through a special button in your inventory, so feel free to experiment and get the build you like most and profits most (sometimes, it can be impossible). 

Character Stats

There are 8 Character stats: Health, Stamina, Food, Water, Oxygen, Fortitude, Weight, and Intelligence.

  • Health is an important Character Stat, don't be greedy spending points on it — if you want to PvP as hell, it will help a lot. 
  • Stamina, as we said earlier, helps you to run and jump, still, it's not so useful if you are a peaceful trader, who builds, crafts and trades. 
  • Food helps you to feel satiated longer and gain more Vitamins, but it's better to have food in your inventory constantly than spend points on this stat. 
  • Water is more useful than Food because finding meals is much easier than finding water. 
  • Oxygen is for true divers.
  • Fortitude helps your character to resist extreme temperatures.
  • Intelligence is a good one. You can craft items more quickly, besides, it ads more bonuses to them, feats have lower cooldowns and you can use magical skills (yes, there are some).
  • Weight is for carrying stuff (Load stat).

Atlas MMO Game Ultimate Beginner Guide Tips Tricks Strategies And Tutorials Stats

Our advice is to spend some points wisely, and than just smash the rest into Health


Atlas MMO wants you to play with other people. Here it is called Company. But you can always go on an adventure by yourself, hiring bots and rely on AI, but obviously, most effective way is to gather a crew from real players and friends, who have different specializations. And most of all — that's awesome as hell. 

Find a free island and occupy it by pressing F1. Now, at this land, your crew is free to do whatever is needed (and wanted). 

Attention! On your territory, you can build a shipyard, and create a full-fledged ship. Of course, it will not happen immediately. Your first water transport is a raft.

To build a Raft, you must find a shipyard in the city you spawned. Raft recipe costs 75 fibers, 20 hides, and 80 wood, so a good strategy to obtain a raft as soon as possible is to grind a large number of fibers and wood at an early stage. Then, when you make yourself a raft, the first thing you need to do is place a campfire and a bed on it. Doing it will make a spawn spot for your character, so when you die — you'll wake up at the raft. 

You can stack items in crates. Unlock the Construction Mercantilism skill — it will allow you to craft Storage Boxes

Press 'E' button to start sailing. Sail control menu opens.  There are five options: Rotate Sails (controls your movement rotation), Fully open All Sails, Open All Sails, Close All Sails and Fully Close All Sails

Atlas MMO Game Ultimate Beginner Guide Tips Tricks Strategies And Tutorials Sail Control Raft

While sailing on a raft, you will see the boat icon in the top right of your screen. The green one is for positioning of the raft sails and direction your raft is heading, and the white arrow is wind direction. 

Feel free to explore! You're a pirate, ain't you? Visit new islands to reveal Discovery Zones — it gives you experience points and also raises you maximum experience cap, allowing you to earn more levels. 

Fight enemies, create ships, visit new territories and play for fun. Good luck!


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