Atlas MMO Taming Guide

Jan 14 2019 4 min read

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The second part of Atlas MMO guide series. Previously, we made a beginners build, now it's time to speak about animals, fish, and other creatures. These beings can be found everywhere in the world of Atlas — and you can tame almost any. Let's take a closer look on Taming and find out what's the profit of it. 


Well, if you have ever played ARK, you'll see a lot of familiar stuff when Taming. Firstly, you will need special skills. To unlock them — place points into Tools of the Trade and Hand-to-Hand Combat perks in the Survivability skill treeб then you require Beastmastery and straight to Taming perk. 

Animals help you travel faster, carry more and gather resources.

You can tame some without any tools, but others could be domesticated only with a special item — Bola. But first things first.

Neutral or Passive Tames

Passive tame means taming without any violence. In fact, you just need to follow an animal and feed it with its favourite food ('E' button).  You'll see a special taming bar on your screen and a timer. Feed, wait, repeat — and the beast will knee before you. 

How long does it take to feed the animals — depends on their level and type. 

You can passively tame the following animals: chicken, monkey, rabbit, sheep, cow, pig.

Taming with a Bola

The essence of this method is to damage a creature until it can be trapped. Usually, Bola can be applied when HP turns orange. Caution! Learn Bola's requirements (combat and additional skills) before rushing into the wild. 

You can figure out if the animal is Trappable by adding Bola to Quick Access Toolbar and aim at the animal. If a green Trappable inscription appears — method will work.  

When you deal enough damage, push the LMB (Bola will begin to rotate) and release to throw. While the animal is entangled, approach and feed it (see the first method). 

Caught animals will not be trapped endlessly. A special timer appears — indicating how much you have. We advise you to build a cage around you and the captured animal. So you can both keep the creature in a small space and protect yourself from other animals.

Repeat until domestication.

Animals to tame in Atlas MMO

Pigs: Use Maize (found in the F and H map zones). Provide Prime Meat, useless in combat. 

Cows: Face a cow and put Rushes in its inventory. 

Monkeys: Put any type of berry in their inventory. You need to be stealhty to tame them. Monkey can find you and run away, so just wait a few seconds and repeat. Monkeys are basically pets, but are good at distracting enemies. 

Chicken: Fill their inventory with berries. Chicken = eggs = Yellow Vitamin.

Rabbit: Eats carrots, use passive tame.

Sheep: Feed it camomile — a small, white flower found... almost everywhere. You can use them in combat and they provide fleece.

Tiger: Bola the Tiger and fill its inventory with Prime Meat. Rinse and repeat untill the taming bar fills. Good fighter.

Parrots: Cook five Maizes and get Hardtack. Then use the Bola to domesticate.

Bears: They like honey — use it with Bola. Bears are are good at gathering fibre.

Bull: Just like the cow — with Rushes

Horse: Bola it and fill its inventory with Sugar Cane. Be careful — they are quite .

Ostrich: Use Bola and Chilli.

Seagull: A great ally that sits on your shoulder — use Bola and Raw Prime Fish Meat (drops from Sharks, so only true pirates can tame this pet).

Vulture: Likes Rotten Meat (let your meat expire over time) and use Bola.

Wolf: You'll need Bones — harvest them from various carcasses around the island. Use Bola. You can ride wolves, besides, they are good guardians — set their temperment to 'aggressive' and they will protect you.

Rhino: Firstly, damage them and use Bola. Then feed it Turnips — you can find them in tundra regions. Once you do, you’ll be able to craft a saddle and ride the creature. Charge ability is very useful, and it's cool to gather stone, camomile and berries riding a Rhino.

Elephant: Use Bola with Wheatgrass (found at K5, L5, M5, K4, K12 and L11 on the map). Elephants are decent heavy fighters and transoprt animals.

Giraffe: Giraffes like Beets (I3, O13 J12 and H13 zones), tame them with Bola. They are great at harvesting food, wood and Rushes. Moreover, they can transport two players at once.

Lion: Prime leader eats Prime Animal Meat. Tame with Bola. Lion is an essential combat mount.


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