Astralis wins Blast Pro Series Istanbul

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Astralis wins Blast Pro Series Istanbul

Another victory for Danish stars

It has started a few weeks ago when entire Counter-Strike world has been watching the Mount Everest of all CS:GO events - FACEIT Major London. After that, we moved to another continent to see teams fight for $250,000 in Barclays Arena in New York (today will be best-of-five grand-final with Mousesports against Team Liquid at 19:00 CET). However, it wasn't the only tournament which we can watch in these days. That was the second installment of RFRSH’s (owner company of team Astralis) unique concept event called Blast Pro Series that we could see happening in Istanbul, Turkey.

In another $250,000 event at the 15,000 seat Ulker Sports Arena, we could see six world class teams from America and Europe. During group stage all teams competed in best-of-ones matches having map vetoes already completed earlier (very unique format,where players do veto before the event even start).

 As far as the competition is concerned, lots of eyes were on the home team Space Soldiers, but in these days we have one team in Counter-Strike who rules them all. Astralis, number one team in the world, just smashed everyone here and easily won this tournament, losing just one in the grand-final against MIBR (made in brazil). Sweet $125,000 are going to Denmark and, as a usual thing, 23-year old sniper Nicolai “device” Reedtz earned the MVP of the tournament as his 9th MVP title in his career.

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