Assassin’s Creed Unity: The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat

Aug 07 2019 4 min read

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Assassin's Creed: Unity is an action-adventure game which is based on an open-world environment, allowing the players to explore the beautiful land and find out different amazing stuff. Having said that, the game features a lot of weapons from some of the previous games as well as new weapons in general. One of the most famous ones is the Phantom Blade, which uses the mechanics of a crossbow to fire a silent but deadly projectile. 

Apart from the weapons, there are also many new commands and moves, larger crowds, better roads, new interacts and much, much more. However, the Assassin's Creed franchize has always been known for its missions. What's more, some of the missions even tend to evolve in mysteries, which makes them even more interesting to follow and eventually - complete. 

The Murder Mystery

Having said that, the Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat is definitely one of the longest Assassin's Creed: Unity murder mysteries. Not only does it consists of a various number of clues but there are also a lot of people involve, which makes this mission kind of hard to complete. However, if you actually do it, the reward is definitely worth it. apart from receiving one of the best one-handed swords in the game  - Messer, you will also get 2500 livres, which is a huge amount of money. So, to make a long story short, the reward you get is definitely on par with the effort you've put in this mission. The prize-sword is described in the game as: "The thicker blade on this sword allows it to hold an edge without sacrificing chopping power.". 

In order to start this murder mystery, you need to go to the Sorbonne district. Once you are there, head over to the third floor of a house and you will see it.


In total, there are 22 clues which you need to find in order to solve the mystery. Let's take a look at where they are and how to actually do it.

  • The first one is located in Marat's House. In fact, a total of five out of six clues can be found on the same floor where you start the mission. However, the last clue is located in the corner of the room. Here is a list of all the clues here: A list of Girondin Traitors; an Empty Bottle of tonic; a Bloody Knife; The Friend of the People;  A statement from Jacques-Louis David and a letter from Charlotte Corday.
  • As soon as you are done with Marat's house, head over to the street. In fact, the List of Girondin traitors will provide you with a new location which is next to Marat's House. As soon as you go there, talk with the three ladies on the street in order to obtain new clues. Anyway,  you should end up with the following clues: Statement of Chantelle Navas; Statement of Madeline Leclair; Statement of Jacqueline Perel.
  • The next place to go to is called Apothecary Stall and you can get only one clue here. After collecting the empty bottle of tonic from Marat's house, this location will show up on the map. It is very close to the center of the Sorbonne district. There is only one clue here - the Statement of the apothecary.
  • Having said that, the next two clues can be found in the Merchant Stall. Again, this location is available only after you get the Bloody knife clue in Marat's house. The clues here are: Procidence Hotel Handbill and a Statement of the merchant.
  • The next location is a little bit more tricky because you need to find an underground entrance first. In order to do that, go across from the marked area on the Sewer Map and you will be able to see it. This location will appear on the map as soon as you collect the Apothecary Stall. The clues to get here are: A letter from Simmone Evrard and a Corpse
  • After that, you need to go to the hotel located between the Sorbonne and Saint-Jacques. There, you need to look for the Plutarch's Parallel Lives and a letter from Charlotte Corday.
  • The second last location is a prison. It will appear on the map as soon as you collect the Statement of Chantelle Navas Clue. Here, you need to look for five clues: Statement of Charlotte Corday; Statement of Jasper Lasalle; Statement of Simmone Evrard; Statement of Albertine Marat; Statement of Theron Brignac.
  • The last place where you need to go is a shop in the Sorbonne district. There, look for the Statement of Dominique Buches and you will be good to go.

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