Assassin’s Creed Origins: Stone Circle Locations - Stargazer Achievement

Aug 27 2019 5 min read

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Assassin's Creed Origins is full of amazing stuff to do. Apart from doing cool quests and other activities, there is a special Stone Circles activity. Of course, the Circles are very hard to come by, which is why if you manage to find one, you will have to solve a puzzle.  It is not that hard to do it but it requires some time. However, if you do it correctly, you will be rewarded with experience as well as a little chunk of money.

There are a total of twelve of these puzzles around the map and if you manage to complete them, you will unlock the Stargazer trophy.  So, now that you know what to do, let's take a look at where to actually find them and how to get your hands on that sweet achievement, which is also pretty rare too.

Bayek’s Promise side quest - the start

Your first interaction with the circles will happen while you are doing the side quest called Bayek's Promise. In fact, this quest will basically require you to visit and solve all twelve circles. As soon as you are done with all of them, you will gain access to the "long lost secret".

The Amun Stone Circle

This one is located in the Siwa area, which is basically in the desert southwest of the city with the big temple there. Of course, actually getting to this place is no joke, so be careful when you approach it. There will be many things which will try to kill you on the road.

In terms of the puzzle, the constellation looks like a hook and you need to basically move it a little to the left and then down. By doing this, you will complete the stargazing challenge fairly fast, which is the goal after all.

Divine Lion stone circle

This circle is located ion the Iment Nome Area which is near the north border of the sync point. This puzzle looks a lot like a big animal but all you need to do is to move it just a little bit down and then to the right.

Serqet stone circle

Located in the northwest corner of Iment Nome, this is actually in the highest point of the area, so you can't miss it. In order to solve this, move it up and then to the left from the starting constellation. The puzzle itself is shaped like a scorpion.

Hathor stone circle

This one is located on the southeastern side of the sync point, very close to Ka-Khem Nome. Solving the puzzle there might be a little more tricky because you will have to move it a couple of times. However, it is not that hard either, so just be patient. It basically looks like a human figure which is lying on its side, so missing it will be a hard job.

Osiris stone circle

This one is in the northwest of the Qattar Depression and it looks very similar to a parrot. When you finally find it, make sure to move it a couple of times on the left until you see a light coming off it. This is it, plain simple.

Goat Fish Stone Circle

This circle is located in the western corner of the Isolated Desert, just after you pass the Tomb of Nomads. Again, you will have to rotate it a couple of times until the tree stars there align with the missing legs of what seems to be a goat. Keep it in mind that you might not succeed at first, so be sure to try at least a couple of times before doing it.

Apis Stone Circle

This Apis Stone Circle is one of the coolest puzzles because it is in the southeast part of the Isolated Desert, which is very near the border with Faiyum and Saqqara Nome. If that was not enough,  this puzzle is actually challenging as well because you need to make it look like the letter Y, which you will find out that is definitely easier said than done. However, with a little practice from you, finishing this quest will be just a matter fo time.

Taweret stone circle

This circle is located very close to the coast and it is basically shaped similar to the letter M. However, in order to match the puzzle, you will need to do at least a couple of tries before doing it properly. The end goal here is to move it a bit to the left and then up so that it can align properly.

The Great Twins stone circle

This circle is in the center of the White Desert Oasis which is on the western coast of the upper lake. It is hard to position it properly at first but once you move it upright, you will see it coming together.

Horus stone circle

This one is in the north part of the Uab Nome and it is one of the easiest puzzles to solve. Just move it to the right and you are good to go.

The Scales Stone Circle

Again, very close tot he Uab Nome, this circle is on the river bank there. It looks very similar to a house, so all you got to do is to rotate it 180 degrees and you will be ready in no time.

Pisces Stone Circle

The last circle is on the east side of Faiyum and resembles an animal. In order to finish this one, you will have to rotate it 180 degrees. Other than that, there is not really much to do here.


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